Old secretary to intercept help money for his son gambling debts "play a trick" checked

Old secretary to intercept help money for his son gambling debts

Original title: retention assistance money for his son gambling debts, the old secretary "play tricks" checked

"Lao Zhao, what's the matter with our child recently?"

"Well, it's always the same, so I'm anxious to raise money for surgery."

"Do you still have enough money to help?"

"What help? Why don't I know? "


At the end of July 2017, Wang Yongqiang, head of the poverty alleviation task force of Qixian Rural Credit Cooperative Union in Huangwangmiao Village, Xigang Town, Henan Province, visited Zhaomou, a poor household in the hospital. The brief exchange stunned Wang Yongqiang, who was rushing in from Xingchong. It is obvious that support money has been used by people. So Zhao immediately picked up the phone and dialed the hotline of the Qixian County Commission for Discipline Inspection letters and visits. At the same time, the members of the poverty alleviation team paid some of their children's surgical expenses from their pockets.

It also starts in June 2017. The son of Zhao Mou, a poor household in Huangwangmiao Village, Xigang Town, fell down carelessly on his way out, resulting in pancreatic rupture and hospitalization. Qixian County Rural Credit Union is Zhao's point to point poverty support unit. Knowing this situation, Wang Yongqiang immediately organized the staff of his unit to make a donation to Zhao, and gave the cash to Liu Benfa, Secretary of the Party branch of Huangwangmiao Village, who happened to be on a business trip in Qixian County.

A few days later, Wang Yongqiang called Liu Benfa to inquire about Zhao's son, Liu Benfa hesitated, saying that the operation is still a part of the money. Wang Yongqiang thought it was Liu Ben-fa who was embarrassed to give us more trouble. He did not think much about it. He launched another donation campaign. Soon, Wang Yongqiang made second assisting payments to Liu Benfa's bank account. I thought a good thing would be successful. Who would have thought that there was a "break point" here in Liu Benfa.

"Comrades in the discipline inspection committee? Liu Benfa, the Secretary of the village branch, helped to give my son the help money. What should I do? Upon receiving the clues of the problems reflected by Zhao, Qi County Discipline Inspection Commission immediately set up a verification team to conduct a preliminary check on the letter and visit report.

Checking the formation of three roads, one way to Xigang Town Party Committee to verify the situation of Liu Benfa village branch, one way to Qixian Rural Credit Union to understand the donation, and one way, special access to help the bank transfer information. After several consecutive days of struggle, basically determined the village branch book Liu Benfa withholding the situation of the detention of Zhao's help. But the evidence at present can not form a closed chain of evidence, the most crucial step is Liu Benfa's own confirmation.

In this regard, the Qixian County Discipline Inspection Commission decided to interview Liu Benfa and began confrontation.

"I heard that the staff and workers of the County Rural Credit Union have donated two grants to Zhao's family in your village, do you know?"

I know about helping the money, but I only gave Zhao one, and I took the cash to Zhao. People are pointing to the right point directly to help. How much? I don't know. It's just like that.

At the beginning of the conversation, Liu Ben's eyes wandered and his hands clutched tightly together, seemingly very cooperative, but he left himself very clean.

According to the cadres of Xigang Town, Liu Benfa has been the Secretary of the branch for more than 20 years. He has also led the villagers to do many good and important things. He led the whole village to harden the village's "two vertical and three horizontal" about 5 kilometers of roads, to solve the difficult problem of the masses to walk; led the masses to carry out land consolidation projects, renovation and hardening of farm roads about 6 kilometers, 30 new machine wells, improved the village's agricultural income.. In the face of the old secretaries who had done their best to start business, the discipline inspection cadres did not want him to get deeper and deeper.

In recent years, great changes have taken place in the village, and your achievements are visible to the masses. If there is a problem, confess to the organization, as long as the attitude is sincere, the organization will give the opportunity to correct it.

"What evidence do you have that I have the money?" Liu Benfa gently lifted his head, his forehead slightly sweating, and his voice stopped.

Liu Benfa's "bite" did not embezzle the help money, and the conversation was once in a stalemate.

What made the old secretary who served the whole village for more than 20 years became so obsessed? "There must be something behind it!" The inspectors change direction and focus on peripheral investigation. Through discussions with the masses, the inspectors learned: Liu Benfa's son gambled for a long time, recently owed more than 700,000 yuan gambling debt, Liu Benfa every day there are a large number of people blocking doors.

Investigators further verified that Liu Benfa paid off his son's gambling debts twice, which coincided with the time and amount of the assistance provided by the Rural Credit Union.

Faced with the evidence, Liu Benfa bowed his head, and he sighed deeply. "After the village poverty relief team members transferred my money to me, I went to Zhao's house several times, and did not hear him mention this matter, the team there is no one to stare at. I thought, this side thought I gave, that side did not know how to help the money, anyway, both sides are not ventilated, nobody knows. I thought it would be confusing to leave this one-off peer-to-peer bailout undiscovered, coupled with the pressure of debt.

"The grass-roots cadres'behaviour of"cheese"in poverty alleviation is extremely harmful, and the masses abhor it and must be seriously investigated and punished." Qixian County Commission for Discipline Inspection responsible person after listening to the case report, resolute. On February 24, 2018, the Qixian Discipline Inspection Commission gave Liu Benfa a serious warning and punishment within the party, forcing him to refund the aid money. (Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, state Regulatory Commission website Li Xujian)

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