A contingent of military representatives is stationed on the coast of the Bohai Sea to supervise the construction of new submarines. The contingent is responsible for the quality supervision of the equipment and the acceptance of warships. The heroic team, known as the "Heavy Weapon of the Nation" inspector, has handed over a qualified answer sheet to the Party and the people on the journey of inspecting a new type of submarine with youth, blood, wisdom and sweat.

National interest

At 3 in the morning, the construction site of a new submarine was still brightly lit. Just after the closure of the submarine sleeping platform, all the military representatives of the representative office and nearly a thousand technicians of the shipyard were in their places, waiting for a close battle. "Prepare for the test!" "Open a valve!" "Pressurize!" In every way, the pressure gauge pointer of each part of the submarine points to the predetermined scale. Ma Jun, deputy representative of the general army, led the workers to drill into the compartment which only allows one person to crawl, and inspected the "powder barrel" under his body, which exceeded tens of times the atmospheric pressure, and then signed the military inspection list one by one. For a military representative, signing is the fulfillment of state responsibility: it must be responsible for equipment and history.

Zhang Sensen, the chief representative, clearly remembered the first signature on the declaration form. At that time, he was the first to undertake the military inspection task of submarine safety valve for less than six months after graduation. The safety valve, a seemingly small part, is of great importance to the safety of submarines. In order to prepare for this signature, Zhang Sensen studied the relevant process specifications and military inspection standards in advance. After repeated recognition of the quality, they signed their names solemnly.

I dare not forget to worry about the country. From production to delivery, submarine equipment will probably go through twelve passes, and the military representative is the last quality barrier. The military representative checks the scale and bottom line directly to decide the combat effectiveness of the equipment. At the general meeting held in the delegation room, Zhang Sensen, the general representative, repeatedly stressed: "It will take decades for submarines, and comrades-in-arms may spend their entire military career on a single boat. How can we afford a country and a comrade in arms if we do not hand over the highest standard submarines?

Quality responsibility shoulder shoulder

On the monitoring platform, eight high-definition LCD screens are arranged in sequence, and the images are transformed every 10 seconds. In the screen, the arc flashes and welding flowers are splashed. Workers wear protective equipment to weld hull rings. On the last screen, rows of jumping curves display real-time welding current, voltage, ambient temperature and humidity parameters. ... This is a set of digital welding management platform and monitoring terminal developed by the representative office. The birth of this system originated from a difficult problem for many years: all along, in the welding work of the pressure hull which concerns the submarine's "life", different welders accomplish the same task, the quality is uneven, once the problem is difficult to trace back.

In the past, welding experience should be supervised accurately, and digital military inspection must be carried out. To this end, the overall military representative organized a number of scientific research units, after repeated tests, developed a set of pressure hull welding visualization, digital monitoring system. Through the real-time monitoring and recording of the whole welding process, accurate analysis and evaluation of welding data are realized. The welding quality and traceability of the pressure hull are guaranteed. The welding defects of the pressure hull ring are greatly reduced, and the welding time is shortened by 2/3.

Qualification is not a goal. Excellence is the starting point. The representative office has established the engineering goal of "excellent quality, reliable performance, exquisite workmanship, exquisite appearance" and strides forward to the forefront of the industry: anti-corrosion of the outer surface of the boat, using high-speed rail, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge technology; insulation materials, using composite ceramic insulation layer technology on the aerospace engine... The idea of "quality first" is implemented in the whole process of supervision.

Sacrifice youth never regret

In submarine surveillance, health is hard to avoid. Gamma-ray inspection is an industrial method for inspecting the internal defects of welds. Because the radioactivity is stronger than X-ray, it is only used in a small range in industry. Because of the particularity of the new submarine itself, gamma ray detection is only necessary. A weld defect, in actual combat may cause the boat to die. Therefore, no matter how radioactive, each time the inspection operation, the military representatives are firmly on the scene, each weld imaging film must be read one by one, there are doubts to be reviewed.

Faced with the choice between country and home, gains and losses, these military representatives always hold their missions high and never waver back. Yuan Yang, head of the electrical group, and his family lived separately for six years. Every evening after dinner, video calls became Yuan Yang's "compulsory course." Baby, do you miss your father? You say, where did our story go yesterday? In the video, he watched his daughter grow up day by day and joked that his child grew up in the phone. Tang Xionghui, the deputy of the PLA, stayed at the test site for several months. The first call of the child was through mobile phone. The deputy deputy, Gao Xionghui, was the father of two children. He missed the birth and one-year-old birthday of the child during the trial voyage. Mobile phone was the main channel of communication between him and the children.

Such a dedicated team, harvested flowers and applause: three times have been honored collective second-class merit, seven individual second-class merit, more than 200 people were awarded a single award... All the military representatives in the delegation office integrated their lives into the submarine manufacturing industry. Behind every signature and every voyage on the military inspection form, there was their unrepentant dedication and dedication.

(Yao Jiang, Jiao Jiancang and Ji Zhixuan participate in writing)

People's daily (2018, 09, 16, 06 Edition)

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