"Free": long rental apartment "formaldehyde door" continues to ferment.

Author: Lu Ying Ming Tong Haihua

A few days ago, the network broke out the news that Ali employees in Hangzhou lived in the formaldehyde room and died of leukemia.

"China Business News" reporter then conducted an in-depth investigation of the free rental housing in Guangzhou, found the same formaldehyde situation.

Miss Wang, a tenant, told reporters that she had signed a lease contract with her during the renovation period. After half a month of residence, she became unwell and found that formaldehyde exceeded the standard 10 times.

Beginning at 0:00 on September 1, APP stepped down 1700 rental premises in Guangzhou and closed the doors for customers to see and sign contracts.

But the reporter contacted the housekeeper and learned that he could see the room before signing the contract in private.

Since then, the reporter has asked Guangzhou freely responsible persons about the number of formaldehyde housing and tenant compensation plan, the other side did not give a substantive response.

Formaldehyde exceeding standard and free buck passing test

Miss Wang (not her real name), 24, signed a free apartment in Mingcui Garden, South Industrial Avenue, Haizhu District on June 30, 2018, and officially checked in on July 15.

Compared with other tenants, she is exempt from the deposit because she is a recent graduate in the petrel project.

But Miss Wang's satisfaction with free deposit is not long. On July 31, she began to feel unwell and went to the hospital twice until early September. On September 2, she underwent routine blood tests in Guangdong Second People's Hospital. The results showed that total protein (TP), albumin (ALB) and other indicators exceeded the standard. The hospital was diagnosed as upper respiratory tract infection.

Miss Wang found on the wall of the apartment a "decoration construction approval document", which shows the construction date is "June 14, 2018 to July 10, 2018", the construction unit is "Guangzhou Super Speed".

This means that when the apartment is signed with Miss Wang, the house is still in construction period. When she checked in, it was only 5 days from the completion date.

Miss Wang told reporters that before she checked in, she was at ease and did not carry out air tests on the apartment, nor did she show the relevant test data.

Because of fear, in the evening of September 2nd, Miss Wang asked her free housekeeper to apply for formaldehyde detection. The other party replies until September 5 that the test will start on the 8th, and the room should be sealed for 12 hours before the test. During this period, Miss Wang can choose to stay in the room or move out. If the cost of moving out needs to be borne by Miss Wang herself.

But until 8, no promises were made.

Miss Wang herself through the formaldehyde tester to do the test, found that the bedside position of the room data is 0.307mg/m3, the window position data is 0.822mg/m3, the door data is 1.019mg/m3, the instrument shows that the air level is "serious pollution".

The national hygienic standard stipulates that the indoor air formaldehyde concentration limit is 0.1mg/m3. Miss Wang feedback the test results to the housekeeper, the other side said it would send green Luo, Miss Wang laughed and cried.

At present, she has decided to move out of her apartment.

Similar to Miss Wang, Mr. Chen, who is 22 years old, has a pseudonym. On June 23, Mr. Chen signed a one-year lease contract for a 13-square-meter free apartment in Kingsha Island. He was ventilated for two weeks after finding a smell in the room.

After he moved in, he expressed his concerns through three official complaint channels, but none of them were resolved.

On September 2, Mr. Chen purchased a formaldehyde test box to test the air in the room. By comparing the color order with the air formaldehyde fast test agent, it was found that the color of the test box was similar to the color block corresponding to 0.2mg/m3.

After repeated feedback, the regional manager of Jinshazhou Free Apartment, in consultation with Mr. Chen, promised to carry out formaldehyde testing on September 5 and reimbursed Mr. Chen for his accommodation during the testing period.

On September 5, Mr. Chen told reporters that the original formaldehyde test was cancelled because the other side said time conflict. As for when to re test, the regional manager said he was too busy to determine the specific detection time.

"Scars" behind the capital market

According to public information, it was established in October 2011.

In 2016, Xiong Lin served as CEO and Zuo Hui served as chairman of the board of directors. He became the No. 1 brand in China's apartment industry with a handheld rent of 9 billion yuan.

By the end of 2017, it had freely entered nine cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Guangzhou, and managed 500,000 houses for more than 200,000 owners, serving 1.2 million tenants and managing more than 600 billion yuan of assets.

Earlier this year, a press conference on strategic communication and A round of financing was held with ease, announcing the completion of 4 billion yuan A round of financing.

But behind the scenes of the capital market, it seems that quality control has not been done well.

Reporters comb public reports show that many tenants are reported to live in a comfortable renovation of the rental source of physical discomfort.

According to several media reports, in early August, a tenant who rented a house in Chaoyang District of Beijing from Ruyou's family had nausea, dizziness and other symptoms because of excessive formaldehyde; in late August, Mr. Ruan, a Beijing tenant, grew red envelopes a week after moving into a comfortable house, which was tested by authorities because of the house. Formaldehyde exceeded the standard.

At the end of August, Ms. Liu freely rented a one-room, one-room house in Haidian District of Beijing. After a year's medical examination, she found that her white blood cells were as low as those of a chemotherapy patient. She found a CMA-qualified environmental monitoring agency to test the air quality of the house and found that the house formaldehyde exceeded the standard.

At the beginning of September, Ms. Lu in Shenzhen suffered from severe allergies when she was in a comfortable residence. She hired a third-party testing agency to test formaldehyde and found it exceeded the standard.

Supervision of long rental apartments needs to be strengthened

As a matter of fact, in view of the formaldehyde exceeding the standard, the reporter learned from the responsible person in charge of Guangzhou's free marketing operation that since September 1, all nine cities in the country have been removed from the shelves for the first time rental housing, until the CMA certification agency inspection qualified shelves.

But when the reporter asked how to deal with the problem of excessive formaldehyde in rental housing, how many apartments to be rented in Guangzhou have exceeded the standard formaldehyde, and how to compensate the tenants, he did not respond positively.

Guangzhou is free to say that since its inception, it has set strict standards for all furniture materials for house decoration. Furniture panels must be E1 class panels that meet the national standards. Wall coatings such as latex paint are all made of Libang lacquer. Floors are made of reinforced composite E1 class panels. Air control will be enabled in 2016.

During a comfortable visit to Guangzhou, a carefree housekeeper near Wuyangqiao even told reporters that the death of Ali employees in Hangzhou was probably caused by computer radiation, and that the news caused social concern because of vicious competition among peers.

Tan Jinzhao, vice president and researcher of the South China Urban Research Institute, believes that the occurrence of the free formaldehyde gate incident shows that the free and easy control of safety from the source, resulting in adverse social impact, we must be held responsible for free.

But he also said that the large population mobility in modern society, led to the rapid rise of the rental market, can not be completely negated because of the bad situation. The rapid development of the rental market will make the lag of supervision more obvious. Only by establishing sound rules of the game can the game be carried out smoothly. The lack of domestic experience is not a problem. There are many successful cases abroad that can be used for reference to improve their regulatory capacity.

Han Shitong, General Manager of Hantong Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., also believes that the occurrence of formaldehyde incidents, exposed China's deficiencies in the management of rental housing, decoration process supervision. Long-rent apartments in China is a new thing, the relevant government departments have not yet issued a complete management measures, because of the specific problems involved in many aspects, this gap needs many departments to work together to solve.

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