Netqin Luo Sheng gate: founder of the fight is not unusual, but kidnapping torture electric shock is really rare.

Netqin Luo Sheng gate: founder of the fight is not unusual, but kidnapping torture electric shock is really rare.

The founder, Lin Yu, accused another founder of kidnapping himself for 13 months, and a sophisticated drama is being staged inside Internet company NetQin. Which is right or wrong? Behind this, the once domestic first successful landing of the NYSE mobile Internet company, has gradually marginalized.

Source: new financial reporter Cao Xiaolong

Kidnap suspicion

Lin Yu, founder of Internet Qin, who disappeared from the mainstream view of the Internet for two or three years, recently announced his return in the circle of friends. In addition, he also released a news that shocked the industry, saying that he was "kidnapped for 13 months", during which he was subjected to inhuman torture, death, family members were threatened, and accused him of being the founder of the NetQin company, Ling Moving Chi Bank chairman Shi Wenyong is behind the scenes.

The new financial observer reporter learned that NetQin Mobile was founded in 2005, and Lin Yu and Shi Wenyong were co-founders. NetQin was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in May 2011. NetQin was the first mobile Internet company to successfully land on the New York Stock Exchange in China. On January 22, 2018, NetQin changed its name from NetQin to Ling Kin Chi-hang. Its main business was also transformed from mobile security to providing smart car technology solutions and ecosystem construction. And other business.

With Lin Yu's revelations, netqin also fell into Luo Sheng gate.

It is reported that during the founding of netqin, Lin Yu served as chairman and CEO, Shi Wen Yong as COO. At the end of 2014, two jobs were adjusted. At that time, Net Qin announced that Lin Yu had no ability to perform related duties for personal reasons unrelated to the company. He left Net Qin and Shi Wenyong took over the chairman's duties.

The two people who were once intimate were divided or buried.

According to Lin Yu, he was dismissed at the time and accused Shi Wenyong of looking for relatives to sign his resignation statement instead. Lin Yu also suffered kidnapping and thought it was also related to Shi Wenyong.

However, Lin Yu did not approve of his recent attack. The latter first responded by saying that Lin Yu was in the enmity of revenge, himself caused a lot of trouble, made a lot of mistakes, but the result of all the responsibility, dirty water spilled on him. Lin Yu was also kidnapped and had nothing to do with being kidnapped.

In addition, Lin Yu announced that he would take over netqin CEO and become co chairman. Shi Wenyong said that this is Lin Yu's unilateral announcement, which is a false announcement.

New financial observer reporters from the Internet Qin company learned that the company's chairman is still Shi Wenyong, responsible for business is Shi Wenyong.

Also on Sept. 10, the official Weibo of NetQin denied what Lin Yu called a change in management, stressing that Lin had left office for personal reasons on Dec. 11, 2014. At noon on September 11, Qin's official microblog forwarded a public announcement confirming the resignation of two directors and the addition of two independent directors. Shi Wenyong continued to serve as chairman and COO.

Which is right and wrong is not clear for a time.

It is not unusual for the founders to fight for profits. But the two such as netqin have made such a move. Kidnapping, torture and electric shock are rare in the industry. Industry insiders told the new financial observer, Lin Yu and Shi Wenyong, who are lying, may also need the police and more information disclosure to conclude. But the disputes between the two founders have more or less affected the daily operation of netqin.

Multiple transformation

If it hadn't been for Lin Yulai, people might have forgotten netqin.

"Prior to the Internet Qin is the earliest mobile phone antivirus business in China, there are also related technical reserves, has been brilliant, but also a great deal of controversy." The industry insiders said.

New financial observer reporter learned that as a rare company focused on mobile phone security software, NetQin once made a monthly profit of up to one million. By the end of 2010, NetQin has provided mobile security services based on Cloud Security platforms for more than 71 million users in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide, including more than 23 million overseas.

According to the 2010 White Paper on China's Mobile Security Products Market, NetQin occupies 67.7% of the domestic market. In November 2010, the 2010 mobile phone security survey report released by the Chinese Academy of Sciences showed that the NetQin series products ranked first with the highest user satisfaction and the lowest turnover rate, leading the market in an all-round way.

On the day of NetQin's listing in 2011, Lin Yu said to the camera that NetQin has more than 120 million smartphone users in more than 100 countries around the world, all kinds of technology cafes are flocking, and the top 500 companies are scrambling to cooperate. The smartphone market was far from mature during the Saipan era, and through a large number of pre-installed and about the importance of virus protection rendering, "cyber-Qin mobile phone antivirus" and "cyber-Qin security" quickly accumulated the first batch of users, income is also rising.

This is the glorious moment of netqin.

But since then, whether it's CCTV's March 15, 2011 evening revelation that NetQin's mobile phone antivirus software is suspected of malicious charges deduction, difficult to delete, self-poisoning and self-killing, or the 2013 well-known organization, the muddy water short NetQin, said it has little value, and that NetQin's market share, product safety, balance sheet, and acquisition business. There are fraudulent or fabricated behavior, NetQin all the way, the controversy is not small, and after 2013, the stock price continued to fall.

In 2015, after Shi Wenyong took control of NetQin, NetQin began to gradually break away from the mobile phone security field, transforming the hottest smart driving field. In this year, NetQin acquired Lingdong Technology, developed and designed an intelligent vehicle platform to provide vehicle networking technology solutions.

Three years later, netqin changed its name to Ling Chi Chi, announcing its march into the Internet of cars. Zhang Yi, CEO of Ai Media Consulting, said that the brilliance of NetQin was closely related to the explosion of SP (service providers) at that time, when SP took advantage of the user's information gap, and later NetQin transformation was equivalent to a completely new field. But the transformation was not successful, which indirectly led to the dispute and decline of netqin's stock rights.

In 2013, NetQin merged Guoxinlingtong and Feiliu Technologies, expanding from security services to mobile games and enterprise mobility. In 2014, he also set foot in mobile medical service. In 2015, the acquisition of live broadcasting company show, in 2016 announced the focus on the show as the main product business.

But the quality assets that had been acquired have now been sold. This also makes in the external view, the net Qin's action in recent years is mostly biased towards capital operation, and its actual business is not much developed. In 2018, NetQin announced to enter the smart car business, and completed the rename, but the company currently in addition to mobile Internet and advertising revenue, other services accounted for less than 7%, it is not difficult to see NetQin's transformation, but only just started, the effect is not significant.

Coupled with the revelation of the founder's internal infighting, netqin's future is not clear.

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