Typhoon "mangosteen" attacking Guangzhou will blackout in large areas? Media: Rumors


Typhoon defense against typhoon frontline, will Guangzhou blackout? Rumor! ] # Typhoon Defense Do not Believe Rumors # Network rumors that Guangzhou will multi-regional large-scale planned blackouts, typhoons and daily planned blackouts forcibly linked, causing misunderstanding and panic among some citizens. Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau reminds: the bureau is fully engaged in typhoon emergency work, has cancelled or changed the scheduled outage maintenance according to weather conditions, arrangements for the whole network wiring operation. Again remind the public to pay attention to the safety of electricity during the typhoon, typhoon landing period may cause power failure, the power supply bureau will organize all efforts to repair electricity! (late reporter Cheng Hanghuan)

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"Mangosteen" attacks the year's "wind king" without delay.

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