Some fruit and vegetable markets in Guangzhou are still open. The net spread of cabbage is 20 yuan a kilogram.

Some fruit and vegetable markets in Guangzhou are still open. The net spread of cabbage is 20 yuan a kilogram.

Original Title: Some fruit and vegetable markets in Guangzhou are still open, but it has not been confirmed that 20 yuan per kilogram of Chinese cabbage is still available online | Focus on Typhoon "mangosteen"

At 16 p.m. on September 16th, the durian stand of Xiao Li, near the west gate of Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, remained open as usual. Intern Qi Xin photo

Xinjing News (intern Qi Xin) reporter visited the vegetable market in Yuexiu District of Guangzhou City, found that some of the vegetable market has been closed, but there are still a small number of markets and fruit stalls as usual, a wide range of commodities, the price of vegetables has risen but has not yet met the situation of 20 yuan a catty of vegetable heart.

In Huifuxi meat and vegetable market of Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, vegetable, meat and water pipe types are relatively complete, and the price of vegetables is higher than usual. In today's market, the price of cabbage is about 8-10 yuan a kilogram. According to the cleaning staff, the price of the vegetable market is about 5-7 yuan on weekdays. In addition, cabbage 3-4 yuan a Jin, cucumber 5 yuan a catty, tomato 3 yuan a Jin. During the interview, several vendors mentioned to reporters the 20 yuan per kilogram video of cabbage in the Wechat group, but the reporter has not yet found this kind of vegetables in the field visit.

The owners of the Huifu West Meat Market told reporters that the shortage of vegetables had already occurred in the supply channels. "After selling these dishes today, we will not have to sell them tomorrow." The stall owners will terminate their business early on the basis of typhoon conditions.

Xiao Li's durian stand at the west gate is still open. Xiao Li puts the durian on the street and hides behind the durian to play with his mobile phone in the shop. "In all these years, typhoon has never blown through my durian." According to him, half an hour before the reporter arrived (around 16 o'clock), there were old customers who took the plunge to buy durian.

On the Hui Fuxi Road, Lao Li's fruit stand is still open and customers are patronizing from time to time. Mr. Li told reporters that half of the customers in his stall are frequent visitors and half are mobile visitors. Frequent visitors still come to buy fruit on Typhoon days, but the income of that half of the mobile customers can not be earned on Typhoon days. Mr. Li said that he had set up a fruit stall here for 18 years, and the stall had only 150 yuan income on weekdays. So, all the typhoon days in the past 18 years, their fruit stand is open. "We can't stop our eloquence. (there's only food to eat), Mr. Li said. Editor: Liu Zhe

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