The Chinese are known by the three suspects of the Swedish police brutal treatment of throwing the cemetery.

The Chinese are known by the three suspects of the Swedish police brutal treatment of throwing the cemetery.

The original headline: "Chinese tourists were violent treatment by Swedish police" incident both sides have expressed their views, do not say there is no reversal? Three doubts to understand

The Swedish Embassy's response to the "violent treatment of Chinese tourists by the Swedish police" incident, which took over the hot spot for three consecutive days, finally arrived today. This afternoon, the Swedish Embassy in China, through its official microblog, said that whenever a complaint was received against the Swedish police suspected of violating the law during the enforcement process, the Swedish side would assign special prosecutors to conduct independent investigations into the case to determine whether the police were derelict and illegal. The Swedish side has taken the above measures for this incident.

The incidents initially attracted domestic attention because of a security reminder from the Chinese Embassy in Sweden last Friday (14). The reminder said that in recent years, Chinese tourists have been stolen and robbed in Sweden, suffering property losses and security threats. The Chinese Embassy in Sweden reminded Chinese citizens in Sweden to raise their security awareness and strengthen security precautions after issuing two security reminders in August. The embassy pointed out that Chinese tourists were also brutally treated by Swiss officials. The Chinese Foreign Ministry and the Embassy in Sweden have paid close attention to the safety and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens in Switzerland, and have made solemn representations to the Swiss side.

The embassy advised Chinese tourists to remain calm in case of a sudden situation in Sweden, to retain evidence while ensuring their own safety, to report to the police as soon as possible and to seek assistance from the Swedish embassy and consulate.

Subsequently, a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Sweden pointed out in a speech on September 15 that the Chinese Embassy and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs had made solemn representations to the Swedish government in Stockholm and Beijing, emphasizing that the violence by the Swedish police in the incident seriously violated the safety of life and fundamental human rights of Chinese citizens.

What attracted the attention of the diplomatic department is the trip of three Chinese tourists to Sweden. According to the Global Times, Mr. Zeng and his parents traveled to Sweden. They arrived at a hotel in downtown Stockholm in the early morning of September 2 to prepare for their accommodation. After a break, the hotel ignored them, rudely told them to "get out of here at once" and called in the police. After the police arrived, Mr. Zeng again explained to the police the physical condition of his parents and showed them the medicines they were taking. The police ignored him and forced Mr. Zeng's father to pull down from his seat, pull him out of the hotel and throw him on the ground. When he suffered from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, his father became ill and began to feel convulsive. The local police viewed the scene without giving any humane help. Then, Mr. Zeng's call for help drew pedestrians to watch, two police vehicles loaded with live ammunition arrived, the police did not rescue his father but dispersed the crowd with guns and tried to snatch Mr. Zeng's mobile phone, eventually Mr. Zeng's family forced to take the police car. According to Mr. Tsang, during this period, the police also beat his mother and his father who was confused.

It was reported that when Mr. Zeng and his party were forcibly taken to police cars, the police also questioned whether Mr. Zeng was a refugee, whether he wanted to use violence, and threatened to "send him to the forest with the wild animals". About half an hour later, the police car suddenly stopped at a dark intersection, a number of armed policemen pushed three people off the car and drove away. Mr Zeng used his mobile phone to locate the car and found that the place he was pushed off was a cemetery tens of kilometers away from downtown Stockholm. According to Mr. Zeng, the temperature was less than 10 degrees Celsius, the surrounding gloomy terror, can hear distant animals howling, the family can only sit around the cemetery to warm each other. Half an hour after shivering here, thanks to the help of passers-by, they were able to return to the city.

In an interview, Mr. Zeng showed videos, photographs taken at the time of the incident and the injuries left on his body by his family after being brutally treated by the Swedish police.

During the three days of fermentation, netizens uploaded videos taken by onlookers and reports claiming to have been quoted from Swedish local media. In these videos and reports, some people believed that Mr. Zeng and his family had acted "fake wrestling", "performance", "strange screaming" and did not comply with hotel reservations.

At present, the final results of the investigation have not been published, from the known facts, the Beijing News reporter combed out three doubtful points ---

1. Hotel booking time: arriving in the early morning but booking room after 14 o'clock.

The Hotel Mr. Zeng stayed in was called the Creator's Hostel in Stockholm. The name had the meaning of youth hostel. The hotel reservation notes that after check-in time is 14, check out time is before 10 o'clock. According to Aftonbladet, a well-known Swedish Internet news website, three Chinese tourists mistakenly booked their rooms and arrived at the hotel in the early morning with their rooms full. The hotel receptionist asked three tourists to leave, but the three disagreed, arguing with the hotel staff, who called the police.

2. There is doubt about the communication attitude between the two sides.

Unlike Mr. Zeng's remarks to the Global Times, the head of the hotel said Mr. Zeng and the other three were "fiercely spoken". Police records that night showed that three Chinese tourists had told hotel staff that one of the tourists was in poor health, but hotel staff did not believe it, and the three people were still lying on the sofa in the lobby, resulting in a dispute between the two sides.

Checking the hotel's ratings, the hotel scored 10 out of 9,977 booking reviews of its customers, averaging 8.3 points. The average quality of employees is 8.2 points. One of the top reviews from Uruguay, released on August 31, was from a select group of customers who had actually stayed at the hotel. The receptionist was unreasonable and had a poor attitude, scoring only 7.9 points. On March 7, a guest from Taiwan, China, commented in traditional Chinese that the waitress at the bar had a bad attitude.

As for the local police's attitude towards law enforcement, the video of Mr. Zeng and netizens can not fully show the story, pending the investigation of the relevant departments.

3. The place being pushed off is a woodland cemetery, a famous tourist attraction.

Woodland cemetery is a world cultural heritage, but also a lot of tourists will go to the famous attractions, from Stockholm's most central palace about 6 km, from the incident hotel about 8 km. Woodland cemetery is also a stop on the green line of Stockholm Metro. Abroad, cemeteries have often become a place of daily life for local people, where morning exercises and walks take place, which is very different from the concept of life of the Chinese people.

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