Embassy in Switzerland talks about the event of Chinese tourists being thrown into a cemetery: netizens do not fall into the trap.

Embassy in Switzerland talks about the event of Chinese tourists being thrown into a cemetery: netizens do not fall into the trap.

Original Title: [Jinyun Exclusive] Embassy in Rui Talking about Chinese tourists being thrown into the cemetery: Mr. Zeng is under great pressure not to drop stones

Source: Jin Yun

Jinyun reporter Chen Qingpu

Chinese tourists, Mr. Zeng and his family, were roughly treated in Sweden and dumped in a cemetery by police. The unfair treatment of Chinese tourists outside Sweden has aroused strong indignation among netizens. However, video clips of Mr. Zeng and his family crying during police enforcement in Sweden have been circulated on the Internet, and Internet media have reported that Mr. Zeng and his family were unfair. Mr. Zeng arrived at the hotel very early the day before. He refused to pay for an extra day's room. He was relying on the narrow space in the lobby, which affected the operation of the hotel and caused a reversal of public opinion on the Internet. Domestic netizens almost overwhelmingly criticized Mr. Zeng's "giant baby" and "losing face to the people".

As for the above-mentioned focus of the incident, the Jinyun journalist called the Chinese Embassy in Sweden to verify. The embassy said that after receiving Mr. Zeng's questions, it was the first time to investigate the incident in the hotel. In order to respond to the concerns of domestic netizens in a timely manner, the Chinese Embassy in Sweden hopes to clarify the following aspects through the Jinyun News:

First, Mr. Zeng arrived at the hotel at 0:05 on September 2 (local time), rather than the evening before some media reports, which is consistent with the hotel's feedback.

Two, when Mr. Tsang arrived, the hotel found its scheduled information for September 2nd.

Three, the first floor of the hotel is a business bar and restaurant, with spacious rooms and sofa and chairs.

It is reported that Mr. Zeng and his family had planned to stay in Stockholm for one day, that is, September 1 to stay in September 2 to leave, but due to the wrong date, the order became September 2 to stay in September 3 to leave. As a result, at 0:05 on September 2, when the Zeng family arrived at the GENERATOR STOCKHOLM Hotel in Stockholm, the hotel was full. Mr. Zeng considered that it was inconvenient to look for other hotels with his parents'luggage late at night. He hoped to stay on the sofa or chair of the bar on the first floor for a period of time, and deducted this part of the cost with the reserved room money. But the hotel did not agree.

According to some domestic media reports, Mr. Zeng expressed his willingness to pay for the rest on the sofa and chair on the first floor. The payment here refers to whether the fee should be paid separately or deducted from the room money, which needs further verification. What is certain now is that Mr. Zeng did miss the date, the wrong time after a day, not the so-called intent to live one day, dawdle one day.

Has Mr. Zeng and his family acted excessively during the negotiations with the hotel, leading to violent law enforcement by the police? A staff member of the Consulate Department of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden told Jinyun News that, after verification, the hotel staff said that Mr. Zeng's family did not have physical conflicts with the hotel staff, nor did they have excessive threats, but the staff said that Mr. Zeng's emotional excitement did not rule out loud negotiations.

Finally, Mr. Zeng and his family were thrown away by the police into a church and cemetery far away from the city. Mr. Zeng said that he found a crematorium nearby on the map. In addition to the cold weather in the early morning, the family's mood was greatly stimulated. In the course of the police driving, he did not explain that there was a crematorium nearby. The subway and the church. It is reported that the area is a world cultural heritage and a certain star is sleeping there.

The embassy staff told the Jinyun news reporter that no matter what disputes exist between businessmen and tourists, and whether the area is a scenic spot or not, the police took such measures against three foreign tourists in the middle of the night. We asked the Swiss side to find out the truth and explain the basis for taking these measures, but 10 The rest of the day has not yet been answered.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chinese embassies and consulates abroad have consistently stressed that Chinese citizens should abide by local laws, regulations and customs when traveling abroad. Our embassies and consulates abroad will also do their utmost to safeguard the dignity and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens. At present, Mr. Zeng's family has returned to China. Because of the irrational voice of the Internet public opinion, Mr. Zeng is under great pressure. The Embassy in Switzerland maintains communication and liaison with Mr. Zeng, and timely informs the relevant information. At the same time, embassy staff said that even if Mr. Zeng's family did have some mistakes or inappropriate links, the domestic people should not be killed at one stroke, let alone misleading, blindly follow the trend, or blur the focus, avoid the heavy and light.

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Chinese tourists were accused of being brutally exposed by Swedish police.

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