Guangdong Foshan investigated and dealt with 101 people involved in black and evil, and collecting stolen goods: millions of village cadres accounted for 9.

Guangdong Foshan investigated and dealt with 101 people involved in black and evil, and collecting stolen goods: millions of village cadres accounted for 9.

Original title: our city cracked down on corruption, corruption and "umbrella" work has achieved some results.

183 clues to investigate and investigate 101 people

Foshan Daily News correspondent Foji Xuan reporter Huang Biyun reported: Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Foshan Discipline Inspection Commission supervisory committee, as of September 15, the city's discipline inspection and supervision organs have arranged 183 clues to investigate the problem of corruption involving gangdom, 101 people involved in gangdom and corruption and acting as a "protective umbrella" were filed for investigation and punished throughout the city. The failure and the "umbrella" work have achieved fruitful results.

Since this year, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection has made the special struggle against crime and crime a major political task, focusing on the key areas, trades and domains where crime and crime are prominent and the masses are strongly reflecting, focusing on the 10 types of crackdowns clearly defined by the Central Committee of the CPC, and carrying out in-depth investigation of the problem clues and starting points. The rural grass-roots Party organizations have made special inspections on the problems concerning crime, evil and corruption, conducted comprehensive investigations on the problems transferred by the political and legal departments, and carried out "three investigations in one case" on the problems concerning crime and corruption, "umbrella" and dereliction of duty, and strengthened the high-pressure situation. By investigating and dealing with a series of cases, the hidden "protective umbrella" has been removed, which has formed a powerful deterrent to the evil forces and has effectively enhanced the sense of gain of the masses in the special struggle against the evil forces.

In the special struggle against crime and crime, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection attaches great importance to coordinating and cooperating with the political and legal organs to achieve "simultaneous notification, simultaneous filing of cases, simultaneous investigation and simultaneous transfer of prosecutions". It gives priority to dealing with the clues of corruption related to crime and crime, and to investigating and dealing with the cases of "protective umbrella" related to crime and crime. We should combine the special struggle against crime and evil with the work of punishing corruption, grassroots "fly swatters", the special treatment of corruption and style of work in the field of poverty alleviation, and strengthening the building of a clean and honest Party style at the grass-roots level so as to promote the implementation of the Opinions on Further Strengthening the Construction of a Clean and Honest Party Style at the Grass-roots Level in Urban and Rural Areas, and seriously investigate and deal with evasion and blackmail. As a matter of fact. Since this year, 236 people have been investigated for "being an official".

As of Sept. 15, the municipal discipline inspection and supervision organs had investigated 101 cases involving gangland, evil, corruption and "umbrella" issues, given 35 disciplinary and administrative sanctions, transferred 21 people to judicial organs, and recovered more than $1.2 million of the stolen money. Among the 101 cases investigated, rural grass-roots cadres and "umbrella" cases were handled by the municipal discipline inspection and supervision organs. The total number of other staff was 91, accounting for 90%.

Next, Foshan Commission for Discipline Inspection will increase the breadth and depth of clue investigation, give full play to the main channels of letters and visits, inspect the "sword", stationed "probes" and handle cases "digging" to further improve the quality of clues; continue to maintain a high-pressure situation, keep a close eye on the key departments and key points of the crime-related corruption. In a few cases, we should further investigate and deal with typical cases; improve the work links with political law, public security, organizations, letters and visits, and the competent departments of the industry; further integrate resources to "dig an umbrella to eradicate the roots"; make good use of accountability tools, further strengthen the sense of responsibility, and take a passive and ambiguous attitude towards the Party committee government and the relevant functional departments in eliminating evil. We should seriously investigate and hold accountable for slow, disorderly, inadequate and undesirable acts, and ensure that the central decision-making and deployment are carried out in full accordance with iron discipline.

Source: Guangdong Foshan discipline inspection and Supervision Website

Editor in chief: Zhang Yu

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