Former zhe friend: Why did he pack his first flight ticket to the moon?

Former zhe friend: Why did he pack his first flight ticket to the moon?

Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, September 21 (world figures) Yukio Maezawa: Why did he pack the first private "ticket" to the moon?

Space Exploration Technologies plans to launch the Falcon Rocket in 2023 for a lunar flight. The Great Falcon Rocket can carry about eight people, and Japan's ex-Zeyou has packed all the seats on the trip, and plans to invite some artist friends to join him on a lunar flight.  

It is a dream of many people to go to the moon for nine days, but apart from astronauts, ordinary people have to be able to afford expensive travel to the moon. Why did he pack the first private "ticket" to the moon? Apart from money, what are the distinctive labels of Maezawa Tomosaku?  

Born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, in November 1975, Mr. Maezawa founded the famous Japanese apparel e-commerce website "Walk to the City" in 2004, and the market value of START TODAY, the operator of "Walk to the City", has reached 1 trillion yen (100 yen, about $0.89).  

According to Forbes magazine, Mr. Ze's personal assets reached 333 billion yen by March 2017, ranking 630 on the world's richest list and 14th on Japan's richest list. Obviously, Mr. Maezawa is a young super-rich, but his wealth does not shine when compared with the world's top billionaires.  

According to public information about Mr. Mazawa's work, he graduated from Waseda Industrial School, a subsidiary primary school, junior high school and high school of Waseda University, a famous Japanese private school. A large proportion of the graduates of this school enter Waseda University and finally become the elite of Japan.  

Nevertheless, he did not apply to any university. Instead, he became addicted to music in high school, formed a band and became a drummer. His studies were almost deserted. After graduating from high school, he went to the United States for half a year to study music activities. Later, his career began with music, and at the age of 20, he started selling Western music CDs and so on, which was the "first barrel of gold" in his career.  

Miyazawa's work, which did not take the elite line to become one of Japan's richest men, is unique and full of personality in a steady and progressive Japanese society.  

In addition to his young business success, Maezawa Tomosaku is a lavish art collector. In 2012, he founded the Modern Art Revitalization Foundation and served as chairman, aiming to popularize and revitalize modern art by hosting modern art exhibitions and supporting young artists and musicians.  

According to Japanese media reports, Maezawa Tomosaku's mansions and offices are decorated with masterpieces everywhere. In the international art auction market, he also has a lot of handwriting. At an auction in New York in May 2016, he sold an American artist Basquet for about $57 million. In May 2017, he made another picture of another 110 million of us price.  

In addition, although he claims to be a non-marital, his current relationship with the 26-year-old Japanese actress Gangli Caiya has become a focus of Japanese media. High profile and flaunt wealth are another personality label of the Japanese young rich. At the same time, former Ze-you is not stingy charity, the 2016 Xiongben earthquake, he respectively to the disaster-stricken Xiongben County and Dafen County donated 10 million yen.  

It takes a lot of money to collect the moon in 9 days. Although neither Space Exploration Technologies nor Former Ze Youzuo has disclosed the price of the ticket, Japanese media speculate that Former Ze Youzuo will pay tens to hundreds of billions of yen, close to a third of his own home! The artists who were invited to take off to the moon with former Zeyou will certainly praise the generous "Golden Lord".  

Although some people say that the announcement by former Zeyou to go to the moon is "corporate propaganda", but have to say that the "propaganda" is bold enough, stimulating. "The more money you spend, the more unexpected things you can get, the more things you experience and the more people you encounter, the more food you can grow up on," he once said on a personal social networking site. So they will earn more money and spend more money to grow further. So infinite circulation, and money will not be reduced. "  

Apart from being rich, resolute, independent and adventurous, the reason why Mr. Maezawa was able to package the first flight to the moon was, of course, a longing for the moon.  

"I can finally go to the moon!" Maezawa Tomosaku said excitedly at the "big Falcon rocket" conference held by space exploration technology company.  

He said, "when I was a child, I liked the moon very much. Just looking up at the moon can be full of imagination. I can't miss this opportunity. "  

Mr. Maezawa has launched a project called "dear Moon" to recruit artists from all over the world to "run to the moon" with him. If this can be done smoothly, this will be the first ordinary man's journey to the moon.

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