After the Russian plane was shot down, it closed some routes near the Syria: military exercises will be held.

After the Russian plane was shot down, it closed some routes near the Syria: military exercises will be held.

Original title: after the Russian plane was shot down, close some of the Syrian routes: a military exercise will be held.

September 21, overseas network, local time 17 Russian military aircraft in the Mediterranean was accidentally shot down by Syrian warplanes, resulting in the death of 15 Russian soldiers. Moscow announced Tuesday that it would temporarily close some air routes over Cyprus and near Syria for a week.

According to Israel's new news network (ynetnews), the Russian side closed part of the route because of military exercises in the region, this military exercise may also affect some other routes, including Israel and Lebanon. "The Russian Navy will have to close several routes because of military exercises," a Russian spokesman said. "In addition, Moscow will conduct rocket launching tests in the near future and several routes will be temporarily closed."

As can be seen from the flight restriction map, the Russian Ir-20 military aircraft was shot down on the 17th, these airlines are not restricted, but from 18, Syria and the Middle East coast of a number of airlines were closed, Russia also instructed that pilots in these airspace to fly below 19,000 feet in the airspace. Yury Borisov, Deputy Defense Minister of Russia, said on the 19th: "President Vladimir Putin has issued instructions to strengthen Russia's security at the bases of Tartus and Hememem."

"Russia announced the temporary closure of these routes in order to allow coordination time for aviation operations in nearby airspace," the IDF said. But temporary restrictions will not affect military and civilian flights in the Middle East, which is not the first time Russia has imposed such restrictions, but only temporary.

In order to alleviate the tense situation that Russia has recently been aggravated by the shooting down of Russian military aircraft, Israel has sent a delegation of Air Force Major General Norkin and other high-ranking Air Force officials to Russia on the 19th to submit relevant reports, including information obtained before the mission implementation and the findings of the IDF investigation.

Russia's relations between the two countries cooled rapidly after the Russian plane was shot down. Sergey Vershinin, Russia's deputy foreign minister, stressed that it was Israel's irresponsible and unfriendly attitude that put Russian military aircraft at risk. He said he would take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of Russian military personnel providing assistance to Syria. In a statement issued by the Kremlin, Russia said it hoped Israel would avoid similar incidents later. (overseas network Wei Xuewei)

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