The US high school will host the LOL competition for the first event.

The US high school will host the LOL competition for the first event.

Author: Liu Shujun

Beijing News (Reporter Liu Shujun) According to foreign media reports, the U. S. High School Sports Federation (NFHS) and online game provider PlayVS cooperation, will host the U. S. High School E-Sports League. The League of Heroes (LOL) will be the first high school tournament in the United States to open its first season on October 30.

The U.S. Senior High School Athletic League is divided into spring and autumn games, and each season is divided into regular season and playoffs. This year's fall regular season will be held from October 30 to December 11, and the playoffs will be held from January 8 to January 29.

Competitors are required to be approved high school students, coaches are required to be on-the-job staff of the school, and each school can register multiple teams, but each student must pay a $64 (RMB 438) fee per season.

The first season will be played in Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Each state will be divided into four divisions, and the champion will compete for the state championship. Students will only have to log on to the PlayVS platform at school to complete the competition. All matches can be viewed online on the regular season. The competition will be organized from the semi-finals, and the specific schedule will be announced in October.

Students and teams outside this area can also sign up for the Spring Games in February 2019. In the future, the competition will be carried out in more than 19500 universities in 18 states.

The League of heroes is the first American high school competition competition project launched by the fist company and PlayVS. It is said that NFHS will expand its competitions, sports, combat, MOBA (multiplayer online tactical competitive games) and real-time strategic games from the spring of 2019, but shooting games headed by FPS (first-person shooting games) will not be included.

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