Hainan technology announced 25 resumption: response to the nature of the flow of doubt denied selling

Hainan technology announced 25 resumption: response to the nature of the flow of doubt denied selling

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Reporter Yao Xiaolan

The decision to terminate the acquisition of Dangdang's HNA technology will open on the first working day after the Mid Autumn Festival.

On September 21, Haihang Science and Technology (600751. SH) announced that the company's shares will resume trading on September 25, 2018 after the company has applied for it. HNA technology shares have been suspended since January 2018.

On the morning of the same day, the company held an investor's briefing on the termination of major asset restructuring through Internet interaction. The vice chairman and chief executive officer, investment president, financial director, independent financial advisor representatives and other relevant personnel attended.

At the investor briefing, Aviation Technologies did not respond more to the abandonment of the takeover. Asked by several investors about the core issue, the company only responded to the announcement by saying that the restructuring had taken a long time since January 2018 and April 12, 2018. At present, the external environment, such as capital market, has changed greatly when the plan is disclosed, and the company has not reached an agreement with the other party on the performance of the contract and other matters, so the reorganization is faced with greater uncertainties.

Asked if the restructuring would start again, the company said in response that it promised not to plan major asset restructuring matters for another month after the announcement was published.

According to the previous announcement, under the original restructuring plan, Haihang Technology intends to purchase 100% equity of Beijing Dangdang Kewen Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. and 100% equity of Beijing Dangdang Network Information Technology Co., Ltd. by issuing shares and paying cash. Among them, 4.06 billion yuan will be paid by issuing shares and 3.44 billion yuan by cash. In the cash portion, no more than 10 specific investors, including Tianjin Free Trade Zone Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd., will be allowed to issue shares to raise matching funds.

Later on the evening of September 19, Navigation Science and Technology (600751. SH) announced that the company held the ninth board of directors at the twentieth meeting, the ninth board of supervisors at the ninth meeting, to consider and adopt the "on the company's termination of major asset restructuring matters" and decided to terminate the major asset restructuring.

It should be noted that on the evening of the announcement, Dangdang announced in its official microblog that it had liquidity problems.

In response, Haihang Technology said on September 21 that it plans to buy 100% of Beijing Dangdang Kewen and Beijing Dangdang by issuing shares and paying cash, and to invest in no more than 10 specific companies, including Tianjin Bonded Area Investment Holding Group Limited, according to the company's disclosed trading plans. The total fund raised by the investors issuing shares to raise matching funds does not exceed 4.06 billion yuan, so it does not involve the company's existing funds.

Regarding whether the termination of the reorganization will affect the future operation and strategic planning of marine science and technology, marine science and technology clearly denies that the abandonment of reorganization will not adversely affect the existing production and operation of the company, and the goal of transformation to scientific and technological enterprises will not change.

It is worth noting that before the rumors, HNA technology intends to sell Ying Mai international.

In response to this, Haihang Technology also made a public response to the investor briefing, said that after self-examination, so far, the company confirmed that there is no significant information should be disclosed but not disclosed. It indicated that Ying Mai's international M & A has promoted the strategic transformation and development of the listed companies. At the same time, since joining the HNA, Ying Mai itself has maintained a good momentum of development. In response, AMERICA benefited from rapid growth in emerging regions such as Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa in the first half of the year, with double-digit revenue growth in the US dollar and a 38% increase in net profit. Inventory, accounts receivable and asset turnover efficiency all increased year-on-year, providing a stable operating income for Navigation Technology. And its technical strength is also an important support for HNA's technological transformation.

Inmar International is one of the world's leading IT distributors, mainly providing customers with global IT product distribution and technical solutions, mobile devices and life cycle services, e-commerce supply chain solutions and cloud services four categories of products.

In December 2016, the Navigation Science and Technology Bulletin said, the United States on December 5, New York time, subsidiary GCLACQUISITION, INC. Ingram Micro Inc., a listed company on the New York Stock Exchange, has completed the delivery of its 100% stake by cash payment, and Ingram Micro Inc. has become its subsidiary. The deal was about 6 billion 9 million dollars (about 41 billion 360 million yuan).

Since then, when the financial chain of the shipping department was tight, there have been many reports of the intention to sell Anglo-Mai, but the shipping side has repeatedly denied.

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