B station holdings virtual Idol "Luotian" shares of the parent company to become a controlling shareholder

B station holdings virtual Idol

On the evening of September 21, Bilbili (NASDAQ: BILI, hereinafter referred to as "Station B") announced that it would increase its stake in the parent company of virtual idol "Lotianyi", Zenith Holdings Limited, and become a controlling shareholder.

The company has a wholly-owned subsidiary, Shanghai Henian, and Shanghai Henian develops virtual idols based on VOCALOID @ voice synthesis technology and holographic, AR, VR technology. Luo Tianyi is one of them.

On July 12, 2012, Luo Tianyi officially launched as the world's first Chinese virtual singer of the V family (referring to the VOCALOID family, that is, all voice synthesis software based on VOCALOID () technology and its derivatives of anthropomorphic roles), and subsequently, Shanghai Wo Nian launched a number of popular images, such as peace, Yue Zhengyi and so on.

In 2015, Shanghai Henian integrated the release of virtual idol brand Vsinger, a comprehensive mining of the IP value of virtual idol. In 2016, B became one of the investors in Shanghai wo B financing.

2018 at the BML-VR concert site, all of them are members of the Vsinger family.

At present, B station has built the largest virtual idol community in China. It is understood that there are tens of thousands of B station UP owners around the Vsinger family virtual idols to create and disseminate. Taking Luo Tianyi as an example, there are more than 10,000 original music works in Station B, and tens of millions of hits of representative works such as "General Disco" and "Governing the World" in Station B.

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