Liu Wenbu, the famous crosstalk singer, died at the age of 82: "the first person in Taiping lyrics".

Liu Wenbu, the famous crosstalk singer, died at the age of 82:

Source: Tianjin North net

Original title: Liu Wenbu, a cross talk artist, died at the age of 82.

Tianjin North Network News: September 21 at 16:30 p.m., cross-talk renowned Liu Wenbu died in Tianjin at the age of 82 because of ineffective treatment.

Liu Wenbu was born in Tianjin in 1936. At the age of 12, he worshipped Yang Shaokui as a teacher and performed at Shengyuan Tea Club in Tianjin. Since 1950, cross-talk performances, double-acting oboe, with "oboe first person" and "peace lyrics first person" known.

Li Minggang, a great disciple of Mr. Liu Wenbu, told reporters that the old man walked very quietly. "During master's hospitalization, I and two teachers and younger brothers took turns guarding. When he was accompanying my master, he told me that traditional programs must lay a solid foundation. We should pass on the comic dialogue in our family, the comic oboe and the words of the peace song.

Mr. Liu Wenbu's representative works include The Great Oboe, The Tree Without Leaves, The Lost Empty Cut, Dou Gong Xun Nu, etc. Li Minggang usually talks about traditional crosstalk, he said, this is the master said crosstalk works, but also the master taught him. "To pass on the art handed down to me by master. Sometimes, in order to keep pace with the times, I will incorporate some contemporary contents into the traditional paragraph. After the adaptation, I will show the master, master will give me advice.

"Master is usually a father. We usually call father. But when it comes to art, master is absolutely ruthless. When we go on stage and come off stage, if the master ignores me, it means that I have no problem with the performance, then I'm down to earth. If master calls me, there must be a problem, and there will be a lot of trouble. The teacher scolded us once, and we will remember all our lives. In Li Minggang's eyes, master is a strict teacher and a loving father.

Speaking of Mr. Liu Wenbu's will to "inherit cross talk art", Li Minggang told reporters: "Now I have accepted apprentices with my teachers and students. I collected three apprentices myself, and the youngest was just in my freshman year. I hope my apprentice can inherit my master's cross talk art and carry it on well. (Jinyun reporter Wu Hong)

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