Fai responds to false rumors: logo is not a problem.

Fai responds to false rumors: logo is not a problem.

Sina Science and Technology News September 21 evening news, yesterday, an article questioning the HKUST News Flight "AI simultaneous biography" fraud caused widespread concern. Bell Wang, a co-interpreter with the name of Bell Wang, said that without being informed, HKUST News Flight used the results of the co-interpreter's translation in an unknown venue in Shanghai and labeled them "Sound Flying" Logo.

The article says, "where is there any AI simultaneous transmission, it is a plagiarism of my human interpreter?" And it means that there is no artificial intelligence translation. In this regard, Sina Technologies from the University of Science and Technology Flight Office to get the so-called "simultaneous falsification", we have something to say "statement.

"Due to the problem of machine transcription at the conference site, simultaneous interpretation has caused misunderstanding of HKUST Flight," HKUST News Flight said.

There are two kinds of translation schemes: the first is automatic translation without any human involvement, and the second is that the translator provides translation results, and the third is that the translator provides voice transcription, which is "man-machine coupling". When the scheme is the first one, the text display area logo is displayed as "Info Hearing - AI Offline Translation System" and the second logo is "Info Hearing". So what the translator said was that on the day of the meeting, Xunfei provided a second solution, and the logo was displayed as "Xunfei Hearing" without any problem.

In addition, according to media reports, at a conference call on the issue at 8 p.m. today, HKUST News Flight emphasized two main points: HKUST News Flight has never expressed the concept of "AI simultaneous transmission" and always emphasized the mode of "man-machine coupling"; it has never packaged "simultaneous personnel translation" as "simultaneous flying machine turnover". Translation.

According to media reports, after the incident, Jiang Tao, senior vice president of HUST, finally said: even if HUST's machine translation will reach the level of professional eight next year, it can not replace simultaneous transmission. Simultaneous transmission requires a cognitive and insight into the fields involved in translation. To understand the speaker's intentions, machines and artificial intelligence can not do so in a short time. (Xin Ling)

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