The pension company said 500 yuan for 20 days, 70 years old, the old woman was cheated one hundred thousand.

The pension company said 500 yuan for 20 days, 70 years old, the old woman was cheated one hundred thousand.

Original title: "pension" trap "new recruit": vigilance disguised high yield commitment

"Old age" trap "new recruit"

"High return, low risk" has become a common way to attract elderly groups to sign so-called entrusted financial contracts. A few days ago, Haidian Court concluded a case that attracted the investment of the elderly by promising to provide pension services as a disguised high return. The court finally supported the plaintiff's claim for the return of investment principal and cash consumption subsidies. It is reported that the case and the previous publicity of "high return, low return" and other common routines, the emergence of a "pension service" this new means.

Eat and drink only 500 after 100 thousand.

Mrs. Wang, nearly 70 years old, and the defendant Ai Wan Company signed the "old-age service agreement", which stipulates that within one year of the validity of the agreement, Mrs. Wang can choose to live in Ai Wan Company's nationwide operation of the old-age service chain base. The base can provide living, cultural entertainment, health care, daily meals and other items, the above service period is 20 days. Wang Laoshi only needs to pay a $100 thousand performance bond and a comprehensive annual fee of $500 to AI late company.

The agreement also stipulates that during the validity period, if Mrs. Wang accepts accommodation, catering, sightseeing and other services provided by the base, the related fees will be deducted directly from the margin paid by Mrs. Wang. If Mrs. Wang does not need to pay the related fees, the company will refund the deposit paid by Mrs. Wang in full within 10 days after the expiration of the agreement.

At the same time, the "Product Supplementary Agreement" signed by the two sides stipulates that if Mrs. Wang and her designated personnel choose not to stay in the pension service chain base, after the expiry of the agreement, the company will give Mrs. Wang a cash consumption subsidy of 8% annualized margin yield.

After the agreement expired, Aiwan said it could not pay the principal on time because of its financial problems, and issued a repayment plan to Mrs. Wang, promising to pay the investment principal in installments and the promised cash consumption subsidy. After the queen's wife too many times, and has been unable to contact Ai Wan company, so Ai Wan company to the court, asked them to fulfill their promise of repayment.

The court supported the old lady to sue for the best.

The case was heard in court by notice of the court. After hearing, the court held that in such cases, the agreements signed by the defendants and the two parties have the following characteristics: first, the disguised high-yielding as bait and the elderly as the main financing target; second, the financing subject lacks relevant qualifications and can not return the principal and pay the investment income on time after collecting the payment; In the case of non-payment at maturity, investors are generally required to extend the investment period by promising payment in installments or increasing the rate of return.

In this case, the so-called "old-age services" and cash consumption subsidies are disguised promises of high returns that attract investment from the elderly. Different from the previous simple high-return propaganda, the old-age service agreement signed by the two sides adopts a disguised commitment to high interest rates, giving investors the option to choose between consumption deduction investment, or choose not to consume to receive high returns. Such propaganda is easier for the elderly to relax their vigilance and eventually be deceived. Finally, the court supported plaintiff Wang Lao Tai's appeal.

Judge hint

Here, the court reminds investors, especially the elderly groups, in the investment and financial management, should first of all, the relevant qualifications of the financing subject for preliminary examination, or let their children inquire about the credit information of the enterprise, to understand the operation of the enterprise and litigation. Secondly, investors should take a rational view of investment returns, focusing on long-term sustained returns, as well as the size of the financing body, solvency, etc., to avoid being blinded by the publicity of high returns.

Huang Xiaoyu, Beijing Morning Post reporter

Editor in chief: Yu Pengfei

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