Beijing News: parents on the teacher sun relatives official operation this operation "smashed"

Beijing News: parents on the teacher sun relatives official operation this operation

Original title: parents to sun teacher relatives official: this operation "smashed"


It is not normal to expect power in everything, let alone in the field of education.

Over the past two days, a video chat about parents' exposure to family official duties has been posted on the Internet. In the screenshot, the self-proclaimed Chen Mou-mu opens up, saying he is a deputy director of Putian City Tourism Development Commission office, and lists all the family can climb up to the "public family".

For example, the father of the child is the general director of the Executive Bureau of the Municipal Intermediate People's Court; one of the standing committees in charge of education in Licheng District of the city is her father's high school students; his father serves as deputy department-level discipline inspector in the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission; and the teacher and human resources section chief of Putian Education Bureau is her cousin-in-law.

According to the latest report of the Beijing News, the principal of the school concerned confirmed this. The Education Bureau of Licheng District of Putian city said it was investigating.

Parents of a fancy "official name", properly harvested today's network traffic "half the wall of the river and mountain". Netizens have also become commentators as they "eat melon" to analyze the meaning of "Mama Chen" - some netizens think it is "show off the muscles" and show off their eminent experience so that the teacher can look at the children in a dazzling way; others hold the "resource replacement theory", the subtext behind which is "there are people above us, You have something to say. "

But no matter what the purpose is, this mother can be said to be "dual business anxiety" of IQ and EQ. Fermentation on the Internet and the reality of local intervention also prove that "Mama Chen" is really "show" broken.

Many parents now want their children to have a sense of superiority in school, eager to put on their children's face "my mother in a certain country unit, my father is deputy director, my cousin is deputy mayor" and other status labels can reflect. What parents want to say is to let teachers take care of their children.

As parents, teachers want to know as many students as possible, of course. But it is not to show the teacher the family background and the relationship network, but should let the teacher understand the child's interests, strengths, weaknesses and so on. It is not good for schools, teachers and parents to let education go on the power grid.

Many families have relatives who eat "public meals". Your family is a regular subject, other children's second uncle is a bureaucratic, sub-bureau level - "on the ranking of officials" and "teaching according to authority" the inevitable result is that there is no winner.

Therefore, parents should not only be "self reporting", but schools should avoid this. When children enter school, they fill in information about their parents'work units and jobs. Some key schools even have to fill in their grandparents' pre-retirement careers. Some time ago, it was also revealed that a kindergarten in Shenzhen investigated the household size and housing prices of students, and some kindergartens did homework to draw their own car logos. These disguised practices are hard to say.

In addition, in some grassroots units, kinship is concentrated in one place, social relations are complex, do anything to want to use the relationship and enjoy the care of power. As the "political family" phenomenon mentioned in the "Central County Cadres" is, all the children of leading cadres at or above the deputy department level have at least one post at or above the deputy department level. What is more terrible is that political families are not divided, often in the form of marriage or worship relatives continue to expand, almost no isolated family can be found.

But even if the society is more complicated, schools should be the most clear place. Education is the cause of conscience. Parents should play their role and set a good example for their children. If we are proud of our position and resources, and let our children get special preferential treatment in school, it is not only against educational equity, but also a public pollution of education.

As parents, we hope that teachers can treat every child fairly, and once this fairness is coerced by power, financial resources, once evolved into a family competition, the vast majority of children will suffer. The lack of fairness is essentially a tree of "negative textbooks", which should be avoided as much as possible.

Xue Wenjun (educator)

Editor in chief: Yu Pengfei

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