Bottom pirated short video industry chain: Handling original brush data earn 20 thousand yuan per month

Bottom pirated short video industry chain: Handling original brush data earn 20 thousand yuan per month

Handling original video, data flow and cash flow

Bottom pirated short video industry chain

On September 14, the State Copyright Administration interviewed 15 short video platform enterprises, such as jitter and fast-hand, to further enhance the awareness of copyright protection and strengthen the construction of copyright system.

With the rapid development of short videos, the phenomenon of short video infringement is becoming more and more serious. During the period from July 1 to July 31 this year, through user reporting and self-examination, dithering removed 1269 copyright-related audio, 5043 videos, 9584 reset user data, permanently banned 1743 infringing users, and banned 1281 minor infringing users (6 months). Fast hand in July this year began the "SwordNet 2018" action, clearing up the infringement of short video 14270, blocked 112 users.

"Now adapted short video has formed a black industry chain, almost all of the short video platform is the survival of these pirated small video space." A software industry expert said in an interview with the China business newspaper.

Reporters found that in the process of developing a large-scale short video, with pirated original video as the core, derived a series of ways to make money. Players enjoy the anticipation of traffic flow, and businesses from all sectors take profits from it.

Watermark software 3.88 yuan.

For Sue (not his real name), who calls himself a "porter," he's already familiar with this routine. Quick-hand early on, he will usually go to some not very popular users of the original video, download, and then weight loss (change the video repetition rate), and then uploaded into their original works. He still remembers his first work, which became a hit in two days, with more than 500,000 visitors, more than 1,000 reviews, and nearly 4,000 a week. But he also admitted that he started spending money to buy data.

Xiao Su said he started shaking in May. Before the fastest 1 hours at least 100 thousand of the broadcast volume, now only 12 thousand ~1.3 million. He said that fast-hand auditing is relatively stricter, important has been changed, but as long as a video can be too fast for headline auditing, generally can be too shaky auditing, sometimes the platform will be recommended.

Transportation and weight loss require specific software. When the reporter searches for the keyword "jitter quick hand" on an e-commerce platform, there are many related sales items, such as selling porting software and modifying MD5 software, specializing in brushing fans and praise data, selling jitter account tutorials and so on.

Reporters randomly purchased a 3.88 yuan watermarking software, according to the steps prompted by the store, less than 10 minutes, from the quick hand to a 13-second funny video to download watermarking, and successfully published on the dither account, and then in the same way a dither popular video "changed" into its own dither. Create video.

The store owner said that handling video is very common now. Reporters as a customer consultation video copyright issues, the store said as long as the video processing will not be detected, now the platform is not strict.

But in Baidu sticker bar, there are some netizens who write down help posts from time to time. The pictures in the post show that the official notification of dithering that the account has been identified as more moving content, prompting users to reduce moving behavior, otherwise it will reduce the recommendation of works. Reporters in a quivering QQ exchange group, many video porters have been blocked experience.

Several people familiar with the situation said that it was not easy to carry the video and that it needed to be advanced processed into "pseudo-original" works to escape the detection of the platform. They do not want to disclose how they operate.

Huang Rong, a lawyer who is good at handling intellectual property disputes, told the newspaper that the key to judging whether an original work is original lies in the comparative similarity, but the law does not specify exactly how much proportion the same or similar parts reach, which constitutes infringement. Sex and other factors. It is undoubtedly an infringement of the copyright of the original creator (if it is only the personal enjoyment and entertainment after the production) that the ordinary movies are made with only a small number of changes and then publicly disseminated as their own works. The so-called pseudo-originality, unless the degree of similarity is very low, low enough to draw on a very small part of others, and this part is not the core element, while forming a new work is original.

To cultivate a short video account, there is a professional term in the player's mouth. According to a veteran video user who did not want to be named, all nursery numbers, whether original or handled, need to simulate human behavior. You can't send a bunch of short videos as soon as they're registered, which can be overmarketed by the system and result in no recommendation. Normal account, the first three days a day to send 1-3 original video, while highlighting other people's video, viewing other users'video, increase the weight of the account (platform to the user's recommendation coefficient).

Reporters on the short video platform how to screen the original video, and how to protect the user's video and other issues to the fast hand, jitter and other platforms, fast hand side told reporters that the company has thousands of people built a full-time content rating team of 7 x24 hours, using artificial intelligence audit technology, equipped with the corresponding expertise and technology Professional auditors can conduct audits, crack down on illegal deletion, adaptation of other people's film and television works or other infringement, and conduct regular reviews. In product function design, users are given the right to fully choose whether to publish the work, whether to allow other users to re-create and share the download, so that users can control the authorization degree of intellectual property rights of their work, and protect the user's work by adding watermarking and other technical means.

Brush data earn 20 thousand yuan per month

Almost every subscriber's short video users have a common purpose - drainage.

In some short video QQ communication groups, there are times when some people are advertising data. A businessman who brushes data says that 80% of users who are playing short videos are now brushing data. Buyers are accustomed to buying a set meal. The best selling item is a set meal of 30 yuan, which includes 1,000 compliments, 50,000 playback, 400 forwards and 300 boosts. Another vendor who brushes the data says it's open to question whether it's 80% or not, but it's a common phenomenon. He can make about 20,000 yuan a month by brushing the data.

Why spend money on data? Xiao Su disdains this question. As the data goes on, it's easier for the platform to expose to more people, attract more traffic, and then move fans to Wechat, selling products or selling microsignals.

Xiao Su told reporters, has found a docking of the Internet business, as long as we work harder, the "fattening" account accumulation of fans migrated to Weixin, and then cash.

Liu Yu, a software vendor who claims to be a leader in the industry, said short video platforms now have a lot of traffic, but the platforms are in a tighter management phase. Many rules restrict short videos to become more and more difficult to play, requiring professionals to play well. He said he could provide a complete set of short video operation solutions for customers and absorb powder and draining efficiently in large quantities.

Liu Yucheng, he has a team to do marketing software and big data. They developed a software that can download, process and upload videos in batches. The software requires five iPhone 5S phones at the same time, one phone can run 30 accounts, with data flow guaranteed in a separate IP address, more than 100 accounts can upload different videos at the same time. Normally, he says, if you want to run 150 accounts at the same time, you need to hire at least a dozen employees, and the system they develop can be operated by one person.

"This software is the core of our things, in the picture, picture quality does not affect the situation, video content, sound are the same, but we can make the trembling sound can not be recognized that this is someone else's video." Liu Yu said that this software can make the original degree of video more than 90%.

These software experts said that the software for bulk download is similar to the realization of the crawler function, in some short video platform to find a specific video and then pick it down. So-called cleaning processing, video editing software can do, the length of the video to delete, add some narration, code, the program is relatively easy to judge is original. Batch uploading can be done by finding a corresponding interface for video uploading.

After "cosmetic surgery", the next step is to "ignite". Liu Yu said his team would provide users with popular and drainage solutions. He said that the team has studied the short video platform for several months, and has discovered its propagation rule. They will analyze the music in the more popular short videos so that customers can use them. As for the specific way to bring fire works and how to drain, Liu Yu no longer talked about business secrets.

The software is priced at 13,000 yuan, and Liu Yu says he has many customers, including brand merchants, micro-merchants, medical, beauty and cosmetics industries. He also revealed that many peers were prying into their technology. And the software experts said that the software should be technically cost-effective, an experienced person may be able to complete in a few days.

According to another businessman who sells drainage software, there are tens of millions of drainage methods. For example, a free way of dithering is to focus on red, once the software prompts for new content, go ahead and leave a message to occupy the front row, increase exposure to powder. But he says the trembling, fast-fielding technology is now so strong that the automated private-credit user-drainage software it sells can only be used on other platforms with slightly poorer operations.

Interestingly enough, when it comes to whether the movies are infringed, Liu admitted that they are indeed infringing other people's copyrights. But he said that in an era of information explosion, people's copyright awareness is not so strong, and if you don't do so, you need to shoot their own team and equipment, the cost is higher.

As for Liu Yu's behavior of selling related software, Huang Rong holds that the act of developing software is lawful as long as it does not infringe other people's software copyright (mainly refers to other software with similar functions) or violates the compulsory provisions of law, contract and so on. If someone uses the software to infringe upon another person's original work, the original author should be prosecuted by the direct infringer who carries his work, not the person who makes the software. But if the function of the software does lead to infringement of other people's rights and interests, it may involve violations of economic law; if the software conspires to jointly carry out infringement and obtain a huge amount of illegal income, it may also be suspected of infringing copyright.

Huang Rong believes that the reason for this kind of copyright infringement is that the users'awareness of copyright is weak and the legal consequences of infringement are not well understood. The above software experts believe that the basic reason for the proliferation of short video infringement is the platform's thirst for content, relying on content to attract users, resulting in a continuous influx of black industries for profit purposes, the nature of these industries is the flow of cash. He believes that the current platform through related technologies to identify high-quality video sources from the system, delete inferior content, to a certain extent, can alleviate this disorder.

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