Profit is not up to word-of-mouth, accident car becomes new pain point

Profit is not up to word-of-mouth, accident car becomes new pain point

Second hand car electricity supplier "War Within Three Kingdoms": profit is not enough, word-of-mouth decline accident vehicle becomes new pain spot

Second-hand car trading is becoming more and more popular under the promotion of the electronic commerce platform, but the electronic commerce platform on the one hand with eye-catching and brilliant advertising language, on the other hand, it is a recurring quality problems and after-sales service problems.

According to Analysys statistics, in 2017, the total transaction volume of used vehicle e-commerce platforms was 2.184 million, and the penetration rate of used vehicle e-commerce reached 17.61%, an increase of 3.72% year on year. Through the early huge marketing investment, more consumers choose to buy second-hand cars through e-commerce channels.

However, these e-commerce platforms, which have been favored by consumers, have repeatedly exposed the hidden dangers of "too many charging items", "delayed car sales can not be transferred", "may buy an accident car" and so on. Some users reported to the "China Business News" reporters that the e-commerce platform has problems such as inadequate service and no door for complaints.

"Burn money" marketing profit is hard to understand

At present, the second-hand vehicle e-commerce platform is showing a "three-strong contest" situation, according to the third-party Market Research Institute Aurora iAPP released in May 2018 automobile trading industry data, the melon seed second-hand car MAU with 7.0547 million active users ranked first, while Renren cars with 2.6051 million, second-hand vehicles with 2.1604 million Yuxin, respectively, ranked second and third. Position.

Everyone owns a C2C model, but because the C2C model needs to attract a large number of customers, it must rely on money-burning marketing. PricewaterhouseCoopers Slater Partner Peng Bo has said that China's second-hand car market due to the "cattle" problem caused by information opacity, lack of maintenance evidence, and C2C model can help consumers effectively alleviate information. Transfer deficiencies. But because of the need for drainage, it is unavoidable to burn money on a large scale.

After Renren completed its $200 million strategic financing on September 25, 2017, founder and CEO Li Jian said he would invest $1 billion in advertising, mainly to get more customers.

The brand input of excellent brand second-hand car is also very big. Previous prospectuses revealed that in the first quarter of 2018, the company spent 638 million yuan, 68.06 million yuan and 161 million yuan on sales and marketing, R&D and administration, respectively. In 2016 and 2017, Youxin spent 794 million yuan and 2.203 billion yuan on sales and marketing, respectively, which accounted for the total revenue of the same period. 96.2% and 112.9%.

Experts from the expert committee of China Automobile Circulation Association believe that the strategy of "burning money" to advertise used-car e-commerce is mainly to open up the market, in order to maximize market share within the limited resources, when it reaches a certain scale, it is expected to achieve profit.

In fact, the second-hand car electricity supplier industry is facing a profit dilemma. A large number of money-burning methods, so that can not rely on business profits platform more dependent on external blood transfusion, so that used-car e-commerce platform through continuous financing to maintain operational balance.

According to incomplete statistics by reporters, used car e-commerce has accumulated more than $4.6 billion (nearly 30 billion yuan). The third-party platform Tian Eye Survey data show that many of the car groups have experienced five rounds of financing, financing more than $1.708 billion; Youxin used car listed before seven rounds of financing, financing of $1.36 billion, and after the U.S. IPO only received $225 million financing, a total of $1.585 billion; Renren car through six rounds of financing, financing of $760 million. Dollar. People in the industry expect that the financing of second-hand cars will continue, and the possibility of merger will not be ruled out in the future.

At the same time, the reputation of used-car platforms has declined sharply. From January to May 2018, the platform received 57 second-hand vehicle complaints. The complaints focused on the difficulty of deposit refund, the difference between the profit of middlemen and the price of cars. Detection is a mere formality ".

Accident vehicle buyers "new worries"

Buying second-hand cars from the electronic business platform seems convenient, but it will also bring unpredictable effects. Although the major used vehicle platforms have claimed that they have professional testing to avoid accidents, water soaking vehicles and burning vehicles, but the reporter found that in the second-hand vehicle e-commerce platform to buy accident vehicles, water soaking vehicles and burning vehicles are common, and the platform involved in a variety of excuses to evade responsibility.

Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the National Joint Committee on Passenger Car Market Information, told reporters that there must be risks in dealing with used cars. Accident cars and water-soaked vehicles can not be completely excluded from the transaction. Both sides of the transaction need to reduce the risks through joint efforts and coordination, thus promoting the healthy development of the industry as a whole.

As the earliest used car e-commerce platform listed on Nasdaq in the United States, Youxin used car still exists the phenomenon of selling accident cars. Ms. Gao told reporters that in December 2016, she spent more than 360,000 yuan on a BMW X5 in the Youxin used car online shopping mall. The car is a second-hand vehicle certification vehicle of Youxin, which Youxin used car claims to be able to eliminate excessive accidents, blisters and fire.

After only half a year of using the car, Ms. Gao's repair cost exceeded 50,000 yuan. She went to 4S shop to inquire. She found that the car was an accident car which had been repaired by several major accidents. The car had been owned by three owners since 2011. The engine had been repaired more than five times only. The maintenance record was confirmed by the seals of 4S shop. According to the insurance company's risk records, the vehicle had five times of risk records from 2013 to 2015, involving the maintenance and replacement of important components such as girder, steering gear, suspension and water tank.

Since Youxin used cars were reluctant to accept refund, Ms. Gao has sued Youxin used cars and car dealers, and in March this year for the first time, hoping to pass the new amendment of the Consumer Protection Act to get a refund of one compensation for three compensation, is still in the process of litigation.

Qin Hai, a buyer of Renren, told reporters that he bought a Honda Jed on the Renren APP on August 28, 2018 at a transaction price of 94,500 yuan, and paid an extra service charge of 3,780 yuan and a deposit of 2,000 yuan. Then he bought it and found it was a bubble truck. Qin Hai told reporters: "I took the car to Renren Car headquarters to test, the other side also admitted that it was a water soaking car, but after the sale I said it might be my own water." Qin Hai said he promised not to let the vehicle into the water after lifting the car, because usually only used to transport children to school, and he lived in a place where there had not been a storm for more than ten days.

Aiming at the problem of how to solve the problem and whether the platform should bear the responsibility, the reporter sent an interview letter to Renren's second-hand car and Youxin's second-hand car.

Urgent need to rectify the chaos of transactions

According to the latest report on the authenticity of automobile Internet advertisements issued by the CPPCC, 9.5% of the complaints about automobile-related advertisements are caused by the mismatch between the information of used cars'driving mileage or their transfer and the online publicity. According to the statistics and Analysis on the acceptance of automobile product complaints by the National Consumer Association in 2016, the complaints mainly focus on concealing the true information of the vehicle, such as the fake zero accident of the accident vehicle, modifying the vehicle mileage and other consumption traps.

Lawyer Chen Liang told reporters that consumer disputes, consumers can complain through consumer associations (non-governmental organizations). If consumers find that the acts of businesses violate the provisions of the Advertising Law, the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law, and the Product Quality Law, they may lodge administrative complaints against the illegal acts of the operators to the government market supervision department, and the market supervision department may file administrative cases against the illegal acts.

In fact, in June 2014, the State Council's Circular on the Printing and Issuance of the Outline of the Social Credit System (2014-2020) proposed that fraudulent acts such as false advertisements, shoddy goods and service breaches in the field of electronic commerce should be severely investigated and dealt with, and a system of limited-term prohibition of business entry should be established for the dishonest parties. Relevant ministries and commissions have also issued many papers, requesting that more efforts be made to crack down on false advertising in e-commerce, and that the subject of dishonesty be included in the "blacklist" of e-commerce into the scope of joint punishment.

Cui Dongshu pointed out that in order to increase transparency by means of information technology, it is necessary to improve the second-hand car trading system, establish a unified second-hand car quality traceability system nationwide, strengthen the monitoring of second-hand car quality, make relevant information public to consumers, and avoid information asymmetry between consumers and e-commerce platforms; at the same time It is necessary to increase the penalties imposed by the supervisory departments on the enterprises'advertising edgeball, urge enterprises to fulfill their information disclosure obligations to consumers, fully respect consumers' right to know, to choose, to trade fairly and to safeguard their rights and interests.


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