Why is Zhang Yong taking over as chairman of the board of directors of Ali?

Why is Zhang Yong taking over as chairman of the board of directors of Ali?

Jack Ma: why is Zhang Yong?

On September 10, the founder of Alibaba Group, Ma Yun, issued an open letter entitled "Happy Teacher's Day", announcing that one year later, on the occasion of Alibaba's 20th anniversary, on September 10, 2019, he will no longer be chairman of the board of directors of the group, when the current group CEO Zhang Yong takes over.

Although Ma Yun himself said that the inheritance plan has been prepared for ten years. But for the outside world, it has long been used to Alibaba under the light of Ma Yun. A series of questions still linger about what will happen to Ali and why Zhang Yong is behind Ma Yun.

For Alibaba, Zhang Yong is no longer a newcomer. He is not only the most powerful lander of Ma Yuntian's air strategy, but also the leader of Alibaba's mobile transformation. As Ma Yun said in an open letter, under the leadership of Zhang Yong, Alibaba continued to grow for 13 consecutive quarters. More importantly, Zhang Yong is not only Zhang Yong, he represents a group of elite professional managers, has successfully completed the transformation to Ali partners.

Zhang Yong will not tell similar stories of passion than the glittering Ma Yun. He is more like a clear and calm ferryman who takes Alibaba along a given route to a wider sea. Zhang Yong is even better because he was not Ma Yun-style from the beginning, Ma Yun Ali will be handed over to a completely unlike Ma Yun's hands, it is more like Alibaba-style innovation and success.

Zhang Yong's "report card"

Zhang Yong, the flower name Xiaoyao Zi, Ali is more accustomed to calling him Lao Xiao.

In the view of Alibaba insiders, Zhang Yong was not surprised to become the successor of Mr. Ma. "Lao Xiao's personality is not publicized, low-key and restrained, in the history of Ali's growth is a way to upgrade the odds, with performance to speak."

Before entering Alibaba, Zhang Yong served as PricewaterhouseCoopers and Andersen, and later as Chief Financial Officer of Shanda. In August 30, 2007, Zhang Yong served as Taobao CFO and moved to Hangzhou. In an interview with the reporter of Financial World Weekly, he once talked about the original intention of selecting Ali, which is very novel to Taobao. E-commerce is the future, "so I thought about it at that time."

During the period of Taobao, Zhang Yong advocated "All in Radio Business" strategy, which led to the overall transformation of Taobao to wireless terminal. In the mobile Taobao transformation into a super mobile e-commerce platform to play a decisive role in the mobile Internet era ticket for Ali; in 2009, Zhang Yong took over Taobao Mall (the predecessor of Tianmao). It was also in this year that Zhang Yong launched the "double 11" that everyone knows now. This year's "double 11" has entered tenth years and has evolved into a carnival of globalization. However, Zhang Yong only slightly said after the incident that he planned to do a promotion during the "Eleventh" and Christmas period. He preferred the number 1, and the promotion date was set for November 11.

Ma Yun put forward Ali's five new strategies (new retail, new finance, new manufacturing, new technology, new energy), Ali entered the new retail stage, Zhang Yong is the actual knifeman. Many of Ali's major investment decisions are led by Zhang Yong, including Suning, Yintai, box horse, Gaoxin retail shares, acquisition of hungry, etc., online and offline integration of new retail has become a new trend. Although Ali always likes to be crowned with the title "Ma Yun buys xx" when he invests abroad, the actual trader is not Ma Yun any longer.

At Alibaba's 2008 Global Investors Conference, Ma Yun disclosed a few "details" of letting go. A few years ago, he and Zhang Yong divided their work. "Investments of no more than 20 billion yuan are up to you. You make a decision. Don't ask me." At the beginning of this year, Ma Yun "deliberately" did not spend a lot of time in the company, he said in particular this summer, he did not have a phone call in Europe, Africa and other places for 60 days, "I know they are ready."

Zhang Yong is not just Zhang Yong.

Ma Yun once had two famous judgments on successors. CFO is not afraid of CEO. Ma Yun has also said publicly: "Ali does not need professional managers, who want to be a professional manager, I will kill him."

Zhang Yong is just a professional manager who has been an excellent CFO before entering Ali. Nothing is absolute. Zhang Yong's growth history in Ali has broken the two taboos.

Zhang Yong, born in CFO, has a habitual sensitivity to numbers. Compared with strategy, he prefers to look at cold numbers. Every year "double 11" he will have a period of time does not appear, at zero o'clock, he must be with the technical core team, "that period of time is the most dangerous, trading in that moment bungee jumping up. During this period, we must go all out to work and command.

Ma Yun and Zhang Yong are totally different from each other in their behavioral style and corporate governance, forming a wonderful combination of dynamic and static. Ma Yun has the intrinsic courage and passion of entrepreneurs. He likes to drive companies by dreams and win by inspiring people. Zhang Yong is calm, sober and highly logical.

What is more precious is that under the strong light of Mr. Ma, Zhang Yong has never been humble, and formed his own management style. Under Ali's well-designed partnership system, from Ma Yun to Lu Zhaoxi to Zhang Yong, from Peng Lei to Jing Xiandong, Ali Group has basically passed the second generation of leadership succession. With Zhang Yong as the core, Ali has obviously formed a new generation of leadership lineup: Tianmao Jingjie, Taobao Jiangfan, Ali Yunhu Xiaoming, rookie Wanlin... Behind Zhang Yong is a group of elite professionals with distinctive personality and Ali flavor. Their more precise name is Ali Partner, and they lead Ali forward, but also one of them.

Zhang Yong is also combing his own view of employment, he does not like to distinguish between new people and old people, not on the basis of time heroes, prefer to judge a person through the "taste" to find people himself. His principle of finding people is also very simple. He sees potentials or traits, and is willing to toss things together. About what is Ali flavor, Zhang Yong's explanation is that "people must be kind, take the initiative and trust others a little more".

It is Zhang Yong's position to put Hu Xiaoming, a financial background, in the position of President Ali Yun. "He is not a technical coffee, is a commercial coffee," Zhang Yong hopes Hu Xiaoming to release the original accumulation of commercial transformation. After Hu Xiaoming took office in Aliyun, the strongest impression to customers and the outside world is that Aliyun's marketing power has been greatly enhanced, and its technical strength is described more clearly.

"For all teams, making a wrong decision is not terrible, making a wrong decision can be changed, the most afraid is not to make a decision." Zhang Yong believes that the most important thing is to "dare to make an imperfect decision". This is probably the key to Zhang Yong's success.


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