Midday adjustment of thunder block chain: sale and distribution of some businesses

Midday adjustment of thunder block chain: sale and distribution of some businesses

Midday adjustment of thunder block chain: sale and distribution of some businesses

Recently, NASDAQ:XNET announced a strategic cooperation with the new world technology group.

Under this cooperation agreement, New Continent Group will establish Beijing Chain Hengyun Technology Co., Ltd. and Xunlei Group will sell part of the chain business to Chain Hengyun, including chain, chain mall and chain pockets. At the same time, Xunlei still retains the underlying technology industries such as Xunlei Chain, Xunlei Chain Open Platform, and Xunlei Chain File System (TCFS). Services, and cloud computing and shared computing business based on the guest cloud network.

In recent years, thunder has vigorously promoted the transformation of block chain, actively layout block chain ecology. Virtual Digital Asset Chain (formerly known as "Play Guest Currency") has been renamed, renamed "disguised ICO" by the Mutual Fund Association, voluntarily stopped transferring by Thunderbolt, used for developer support programs, permanently frozen, and has been stripped from Thunderbolt Group until now.

As of the time of publication, Xunlei has not yet given a reply to the reporter of China Business Daily on the issue of whether Xunlei is under the pressure of compliance with the assignment of Link and other businesses.

Go to "coin" and leave "chain".

After Xunlei CEO Chen Lei publicly said that the full layout of the block chain, Xunlei Group will be applied to the cloud computing field, Xunlei has been widely debated by the market that it is the hot block chain concept.

Since the listing, Thunderbolt has undergone many transformations, but the response of the capital market and financial results are not satisfactory. From fiscal 2015 to fiscal 2017, the company reported net losses of $13.16 million, $24.11 million and $37.8 million, respectively.

In October 2017, thunder first launched "mining" to attract customers' attention. However, in the industry view, there are many similar characteristics of virtual currencies such as currency and bitcoin. First of all, they are all primitive digital assets based on block-chain technology; besides, the game coin and bitcoin also need to dig, and the mining revenue is less and less; there are also wallets, wallet addresses, private keys and other settings.

"From a consumer's point of view, although token incentives are generated by algorithms, the allocation is opaque and the chain is highly centralized. Chain grams can be directly converted into services, from the point of view of payment function and bitcoin is not essential difference. A lawyer pointed out to reporters.

Thunderbolt's share price has risen from $5 to a peak of $25 in two months since the coin was launched last October. From the financial report, in the case of Thunderbolt's successive losses from fiscal year 2015 to fiscal year 2017, the transformation of the block chain has also played a role in turning losses. Its net profit of Q4 in fiscal year 2017 was US $4 million 140 thousand, and net profit in Q1 in fiscal 2018 reached US $8 million 30 thousand.

Since this year, Thunderbolt has moved frequently in just a few months, rapidly laying out the developer ecology of the Thunderbolt chain. Thunderbolt Chain, the main chain to realize the performance of millions of TPS, was first released, followed by the Global Block Chain Application Development Competition. Its mass-sharing computing participants became the user base of Thunderbolt Chain Ecology. In addition, TC, a Thunderbolt Chain File System (TC), which shares the open platform of computing products, the Nebula Cloud and Thunderbolt Chain, and is "born for the Block Chain", was also released. FS (Thunder Chain File System).

However, just as the outside world thought that Thunderbolt would play a big role in the block chain, Thunderbolt suddenly announced the sale of some of the block chain business, including chain, chain mall and chain pockets, retaining only Thunderbolt Chain, Thunderbolt Open Platform, Thunderbolt Chain File System (TCFS) and other underlying technology businesses, as well as players. Cloud and shared computing business based on the guest cloud network.

Xiao Lei, a well-known financial commentator, told reporters, "Thunderbolt's strategic cooperation is more about the promotion and readjustment of its business. It is not a complete cut-off from the block chain. In fact, from the point of view of the cooperation itself, it is equivalent to selling the business of the currency, reserving the part of the chain, that is, selling it should be." Use, retain the operating system. "

Compliance pressure or profit decline?

For the Thunderbolt to sell the top-tier application of the incentive tool - chain, some speculation is due to compliance pressure.

It is understood that while the business scale of Xunlei Block Chain is gradually expanding, the controversy over the compliance of the chain has never disappeared.

Because the chain is very similar to digital money, its English name is LinkToken, Token in the block chain industry, the corresponding Chinese translation is token. In January this year, the China Internet Finance Association (CIFIA) published an article saying that the issue of Thunderbolt "chain" (formerly known as "play a guest coin") as a representative, a "mining machine as the core issue of virtual digital assets" (IMO) model is wary of risk. Xunlei "chain" issuing enterprise is actually using "chain" instead of the legal obligation to pay for the services contributed to the participants, which is essentially a financing behavior, is a disguised ICO (block chain project first issue tokens to raise funds).

The attorney told reporters that users can pay for related Thunderbolt services through the chain, and to get the chain, because of its open source characteristics, leading to the use of other equipment can not get the chain, to get the Thunderbolt chain award must be purchased to play cloud equipment, essentially with money to buy Money, and chain itself has no cost for thunder. On the whole, the thunder has a suspicion of selling money by selling cloud equipment in a disguised form.

Thunder has also been making a corresponding rectification of the controversial chain link business.

In June, Shenzhen Xunlei Network Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it would permanently freeze all reserved chains officially used for market operating expenses, following the announcement that it would stop the chain pocket transfer service and prohibit users from transferring other than the application scenarios developed by Xunlei and Xunlei partners. For these chains, Thunderbolt has promised to invest all of them in the Thunderbolt Open Platform Developer Support Program.

But some analysts pointed out that the sale of the chain may have a certain relationship with policy, but the controversy has been long-standing, previously not sold because of the high profits of the chain business, now the main reason for the transfer may be the profit is not as good as before. "Thunderbolt has actually made a profit from selling smart hardware such as the Player Cloud and pushed up its share price, so far as the overall secondary market is in recession, people's expectations for the product itself are lower." Xiao Lei said.

Reporters found that before this jump from 0.1 yuan 90 times the chain has dropped from 9 yuan to the current 1.4 yuan or so, before Taobao was fired to 2000 yuan to 3000 yuan play cloud equipment also fell to 389 yuan.

"At that time, when the price of the chain was high, the bull market of ICO was hot and the virtual currency was on the rise. Thunderbolt took another path to develop its business by collecting bandwidth resources to distribute the chain, which greatly reduced the network cost and made a lot of hardware profits. Now, the chain is forbidden to go to the virtual currency exchange and can only enter without the exchange. Intra-bank flow conversion, the decline in liquidity led to a serious drop in the price of chain, as well as the "miner" price of the "coin digging" cloud. In addition, the drop in hardware prices is also related to the fact that there are fewer landing scenarios in the Thunderbolt block chains. So far, it has only introduced some convertibility services such as converting Thunderbolt members, Ichi and Youku members, or using chainks to reward Thunderbolt live anchors and so on, which are not attractive enough, and chain holders are not confident in ecology. Liu Ye (not his real name) is a user of Xunlei Player Cloud. He also told reporters that he had bought 21 Player Cloud sharing bandwidth and other idle resources for 1800 yuan to "dig" the chain.


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