Twitter: there are loopholes that may leak the contents of the user's private letter.

Twitter: there are loopholes that may leak the contents of the user's private letter.

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On September 22, Beijing time, TechCrunch reported that Twitter on Friday said it had patched a vulnerability that could leak private direct messages to third-party developers without authorization.

On Friday, the social media giant warned users in software that their private letters might have been leaked.

Mashable, an Internet news blog, said, "This problem has been around since May 2017, but we solved it immediately when we discovered it. We're investigating this problem, but there's no reason to believe that the data leaked to unauthorized developers is being misused.

A spokesman said it was "not at all possible" to send private messages to unauthorized developers, but to keep users cautious.

Twitter said in a statement that the developer API that enterprises use to interact with customers may incorrectly collect certain private messages. In a separate blog post, Twitter said the survey had confirmed that "only one set of technical environments could have this problem".

The vulnerability was discovered in September 10th, but it took nearly two weeks to notify users.

"If your account is affected by this error, we will contact you directly through in-app notifications and twitter.Com," the statement said.

The company said the vulnerability affected less than 1% users on Twitter. Twitter's latest report shows that the company currently has 335 million subscribers.

This is the second data related bug this year. In May, the company said it incorrectly recorded the user's password in plain text in an internal log used by Twitter employees. Twitter urges users to change their passwords.

After the announcement, social networking diving, in addition to Twitter, Snap fell 0.9%, Facebook fell 1.4%. Twitter fell 4.52% on Friday.

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