US media: the Chinese navy is recruiting the pilots of the 15 carrier aircraft directly.

US media: the Chinese navy is recruiting the pilots of the 15 carrier aircraft directly.

China's Navy is recruiting fighter pilots across the country to solve one of the major problems facing its carrier fleet, and China's Navy Flight Recruitment Task Force is traveling across the country to recruit suitable carrier pilots for the country's expanding carrier fleet. As China strives to build a blue-water navy capable of delivering power, the PLA Navy is facing some challenges, including the lack of carrier-based pilots.

China's Navy needs "lone ranger" and "goose" and its growing carrier force needs "many, many" carrier-based pilots. With China's massive construction of the formidable fleet of aircraft carriers, the navy is eager to recruit more pilots.

China's military said that the 2019 Navy flight enrollment work was officially launched last Sunday, "This enrollment will focus on the recruitment and selection of carrier-based aircraft flying cadets... Actively promote the recruitment of Navy pilots from "shore-based" to "ship-based" change, and comprehensively build a "naval characteristics, to meet the requirements of the carrier-based" recruitment system. This phrase seems to suggest that the strategy is shifting from defending the country to delivering power on the high seas.

In recent years, the lack of pilots specially trained for carrier-based operations and operations has been a problem facing the Chinese navy. "They don't have a lot of pilots, and they have limited strength in this area," said Matthew Funaeol, a research fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a US think tank. According to reports, by the end of 2016, China had only a few dozen pilot aircraft carrier carriers.

Four working groups of the Chinese Navy were sent to 23 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions to test and select pilots. Some will be the best and most systematic training as a carrier pilot.

According to reports, the ongoing recruitment marks the first time that the Chinese navy has recruited pilots directly for carrier-based fighter-15 sharks, previously selected from naval and air force pilots flying other types of fighters. Emphasizing the development of advanced delivery capabilities by the Chinese armed forces, the pilots said becoming naval pilots was the best choice to fulfill the dream of a hero in the sea and the sky.

China is rapidly building an aircraft carrier fleet, but it is still unfamiliar with complex aircraft carriers. It was not until May this year that the Chinese Navy announced for the first time that its carrier-based pilots had successfully completed their night takeoff and landing operations. Chinese media reported this week that a number of excellent (carrier based) pilots have been conducting night landing operations. (author Ryan Picrel, Wang Huicong Translated)

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