25 person prostitution gang involved 50 million yuan, up to 1 people 1 days to receive 25 times.

25 person prostitution gang involved 50 million yuan, up to 1 people 1 days to receive 25 times.

Original title: 25 people prostitution gang involved 50 million yuan, up to 1 people 1 days to receive 25 times.

On September 17, Lingbei Police Station of Lingbei Public Security Branch of Anqing successfully cracked a case of prostitution organized by Wechat in Italy, involving more than ten provinces and involving more than 50 million yuan. Shi Mou, the gang's principal offender, has formed a whole chain of organized prostitution criminal gangs through the development of chat agents and "keyboard players" to establish a three-way Wechat group. The case is the first successful investigation in China since the Ministry of Public Security Department launched a special operation to introduce prostitution by means of Wechat.

Pushing prostitution information through WeChat's function

Since 2017, Lingbei Police Station has received a number of public alarms that prostitution and prostitution exist in some of the surrounding high-end hotels. On September 9, 2017, the police of Lingbei Police Station squatted to arrest the prostitutes Chen Mou, Ci Mou and Tian Mou suspected of organizing prostitution in a hotel, and went to Wushan, Chongqing to arrest Shi Mou, the principal criminal of the case. The RB public security sub Bureau immediately set up the "9.09" task force to carry out the investigation in an all-round way.

According to the survey, since the beginning of 2015, Shi has used QQ chat tools to contact chat agents on the Internet, after establishing cooperative relations, chat agents through QQ, Weixin and other tools on the Internet to contact the "keyboard hand." "Keyboard Hand" uses the function of positioning "people nearby" by Wechat to push and provide prostitution service information to micro-credit customers near the hotel where prostitutes live. After determining the price of clients and prostitutes, "Keyboard Hand" informs prostitutes of this information, and tells clients the hotel and room number where prostitutes them to stay. The clients then went to the hotel to have sex with prostitutes, and the success of the transaction was confirmed by the keyboarder and Shi in the Weixin group for statistics and composition.

Involving 25 members, involving 50 million

In order to ensure the smooth progress of prostitution activities, prostitutes living in the vicinity of hotels, will arrange similar Tianmou, Chen Mu personnel responsible for watching the wind, as well as dealing with prostitutes and clients disputes. Moreover, the criminal gang is closely organized and monitored. If a prostitute woman is caught by the public security organ, Shi Qingmao and others will quickly shift their positions to other cities to continue to organize prostitution activities.

According to the investigation, the gang spent 400 yuan each time committing a crime. Among them, Shi Mou, Dai Chao and "Keyboard Hand" got a total of 230 yuan on the line, and Tian Mou and other people and their corresponding prostitutes got a total of 170 yuan. Only two months from July 8, 2017 to September 9th, three prostitutes in Shimou group committed crimes in Anqing and Hubei provinces. Only WeChat transactions (excluding cash and Alipay transfer transactions) were recorded more than 600 times, and illegal profits were more than 25 yuan. According to the investigation, every prostitute makes an illegal profit of up to 1 million yuan a year. There are more than ten cases of prostitution committed every day. At present, a female sells 25 times a day.

At present, the police have arrested 25 members involved, 20 people have taken criminal coercive measures, 18 people have been detained, 9 people have been bailed pending trial, and 11 people have been arrested. The case involves more than ten provinces, such as Guangdong and Jiangsu, involving more than 50 million yuan. Shi, Song, Xia and other nine criminal gangs were transferred to prosecution, prostitutes Chen and Huang were bailed pending trial, Zeng, Tan, Wang and other people were sentenced to administrative detention and punishment.

Source: Anhui business daily

Correspondent ho Fei Intern Xu Tingting, Anhui business daily, fusion media reporter Xu Jiaquan

Editor in chief: Yan Hong Liang

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