Chinese tourists in the Swedish hotel were "expelled" to wake us up.

Chinese tourists in the Swedish hotel were

Original title: Chinese tourists were "expelled" at the Swedish Hotel, giving us a wake up call.

Chinese tourists are being "banished" from Swedish hotels amid heated discussions, and Mr. Zeng's family, who were driven away by police, has left Sweden. Sweden, for its part, said it would assign special prosecutors to conduct independent investigations into the case to determine whether the police were derelict or illegal.

The incident was roughly as follows: Mr. Zeng arrived at a hotel in Stockholm in the early morning of September 2 with his parents to prepare for accommodation. He was scheduled to check in at 12:00 noon on the same day. The Hotel accepted them in the lobby and lowered the volume of the lobby to allow them to rest. Mr. Zeng himself said that when he went out looking for a hotel, he met a Chinese female student who did not find a hotel. Because the air temperature outside the room was only 9 degrees late, there were refugees and drunks nearby. Since then, the attitude of the hotel staff has suddenly become abominable, and the police have been called.

In the video, Mr. Tseng and his mother wailed and fell down. The police pulled them down to a church near the cemetery in the suburbs and put it down. The police are still waiting to be investigated, but some netizens who watched the video commented: "It's too disgraceful", "Hold back", "Make a big noise" and attributed their actions to "poor quality".

Regardless of the proper handling of the hotel and the police, we should reflect on this incident: some of our compatriots overseas are really not the most lacking language and communication skills.

What does it lack? It is the ability to behave well.

Whether at home or abroad, we should respect the rules of society, but also strive to understand the rules of other countries, other cultures, so as to "obey the rules".

Chinese people often think that rules are dead, people are alive, and the first reaction to what happens is "negotiable". When people live, rules are really dead. As a result, the more honest people are, the worse they are. The more disciplined businesses and businesses are, the worse off. In the eyes of Westerners, rules are dead, and people can only follow rules. If you book a house for the day, you should stay during the day; allowing you to make an exception does not mean allowing you to introduce someone else to make an exception.

Then how can we better establish the rules? Through fines or administrative enforcement is a way, Singapore and other countries are using.

But this week there was another interesting story about hotel accommodation: a landlord in Japan who rented a lodging met three Chinese female students who had "built" his house in a disgraceful, garbage-laden, disgusting smell. But the other party's domineering response: we gave money.

This small incident illustrates the underlying problem behind "rule-abiding": in any country, proper conduct is not only sustained by external punishment. The external rules, the inner boundary and the sense of propriety are the embodiment of dignity and quality. Therefore, it is the first thing to do well in national quality education and good habit training.

If we want to make our citizens more dignified and our laws and regulations more dignified, we might as well take the Swedish incident as an example to discuss it fully and let everyone understand that rules are greater than heaven.

And through the experience of Mr. Zeng's family, we have to remind Chinese tourists who want to travel abroad must abide by local rules and regulations, respect local cultural customs, even if it is necessary to "speak of human feelings, reason" can not break the rules.

To put it a step further, if you can't be self-disciplined inside and outside, then at least prescribe yourself: Get to know the local culture and national conditions before you go abroad.

1. Should parents group set rules?

Just after Teacher's Day, many media reports have revealed that "parents" have become a social burden for many Chinese families with children. Some teachers refused to set up a new class because some parents of the previous generations were in the crowd "brawling and choking" parents refused to set up a new group.

2. How to popularize garbage classification?

Xi'an has promulgated the "Xi'an Municipal Domestic Waste Classification Management Measures (Draft Draft for Consultation)" and publicized it. According to the regulations, those who throw household garbage at will shall be ordered by the competent department to make corrections, fined individuals not less than 100 yuan but not more than 200 yuan, and fined units not less than 5,000 yuan but not more than 20,000 yuan. In addition, transportation and collection units will also be fined if they fail to operate according to the regulations.

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Chinese tourists were accused of being brutally exposed by Swedish police.

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