Men cheat 168 students about 900000 yuan tuition fees have been spent.

Men cheat 168 students about 900000 yuan tuition fees have been spent.

Original title: Dalian Ganjingzi Public Security Bureau successfully cracked a contract fraud case

Morning News (Peninsula Morning News, Haili Network Chief Reporter Wang Lin) September 7, 2018, Ganjingzi Public Security Branch Yingchengzi police station in Heilongjiang Province Qitaihe City successfully captured the online fugitive Liu Mou. A case involving Wanli forensics, thousands of miles of evasion and cracking down on contract fraud was broken.

In May 2015, a dental school in Dalian and a Dalian Education Consulting Co., Ltd. signed an agreement to handle the diploma of Northeast Normal University. The dental school paid 168 students more than 900,000 yuan in tuition fees successively to Liu Mou, the legal representative of the Education Consulting Co., Ltd. Liu registered 168 students in Changchun, Dehui and Guizhou through Li Mou, an educational consulting institution in Changchun, Jilin Province, but he never paid the tuition fee for the institution. In 2017, the education advisory body removed all of these students. After a dental school in Dalian found out, found Liu asked why these students did not apply for a college diploma, Liu to network checks as a reason for all kinds of evasion, and finally had to play with the missing.

On June 10, 2018, after receiving a report from a dental school in Dalian, the Yingchengzi police station quickly launched an investigation. According to the investigation, although a certain Dalian Education Consulting Co., Ltd. has a registration record on the Internet, it has already been revoked. And more than 90 yuan tuition fees are also used by Liu for personal consumption and debt repayment. In view of Liu's lost association, erratic movements, and no registration of accommodation records, after the sub-bureau investigation team approved the formation of a contract fraud, Liu as an online fugitive. In order to gather evidence, Ying Cheng Zi police station sent people to Changchun, Dehui and Guizhou for investigation and evidence collection. With the help of the synthetic operations command center of the sub Bureau, Liu was finally locked in his parents' home. After three days of crouch, the police successfully arrested Liu Fuxing, an online fugitive, in Qitaihe, Heilongjiang province.

At present, Liu confessed to the above criminal facts and was now under criminal detention.

Editor in chief: Yan Hong Liang

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