Jacky Cheung concert is now "black fly" UAV police shot down temporarily

Jacky Cheung concert is now

Original title: Jacky Cheung concert is now "Hefei" UAV, police sorghum shot down with anti UAV device.

On the evening of September 21st, inside the Suining gymnasium of Sichuan.

Singer Jacky Cheung is holding a solo concert.

20:30 Xu, Suining Public Security Bureau police detachment found

A black flying UAV flies over the stadium.

In view of the UAV watching more people

The duty police used the anti UAV device to fight the UAV.

At present

Police temporarily suspend the "black fly" UAV

The case is being further investigated.

It is reported that the urban area of Suining is a low altitude control zone.

UAV "black flying" will jeopardize the daily teaching and training of civil aviation schools.

When holding large public activities, it will also endanger the safety of the masses.

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