The safety problem of network security has been enlarged due to the higher public expectation.

The safety problem of network security has been enlarged due to the higher public expectation.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

Short commentary

Recently, the media disclosed a "Report on Big Data on Crimes in the Course of Internet Contracting Vehicles and Traditional Taxi Services" which was produced and analyzed by the China Judicial University Data Research Institute on the basis of the data from the People's Court's Big Data Management and Service Platform. The report shows that in the cases concluded in the first instance of the people's courts at all levels nationwide in 2017, the report was transmitted. Ten thousand taxi drivers are more likely to commit crimes than net-appointed taxi drivers. The types of crimes committed by net-appointed taxi drivers and taxi drivers are slightly different. Traditional taxi drivers have more deliberate crimes and net-appointed taxi drivers have more temporary deliberate crimes.

"Traditional taxi drivers have a higher incidence of 10,000 cases than Internet appointments," which is likely to be a surprising figure.

How about a statistical sample? Reporters in Guangzhou City in 2017, the first instance of the courts at all levels of criminal cases as a sample, excluding unrelated cases, "which taxi drivers as the defendant of the case is more than the net about the driver to some."

It seems that "the incidence rate of thousands of people in traditional taxi drivers is higher than that of nets" is a fact. But why is this fact surprising?

The reason is not complicated. In recent years, a number of homicide cases of the driver of the Internet contract car have been focused by public opinion, which makes the security of the operation mode of the Internet contract car challenged greatly. As a result, people gradually formed a solidified impression of net car.

Now, this report is undoubtedly the impact of this curing impression.

To know a thing is not necessarily accurate by impression, but after all, it has to go back to reality. The report will help the public to better understand the role of the Internet contract car, as experts said, according to the above data report, reflects the fact that there may be some deviation from public perception, "Internet contract car is not imagined to be unsafe than taxis."

But another question can't be ignored: Why are the unfortunate events triggered by online taxis more likely to be noticed or magnified than by traditional taxis?

There is no doubt that the fundamental reason is that the public has a higher expectation of net related cars. As a representative of the new economy and new business format, also known as the application of more large data technology, it should be taken for granted that the network contract car to assume this expectation.

It is precisely because the public here, the Internet contract car should provide a safer, more convenient, more comfortable service, and once unfortunate events, exposed the industry's many omissions, will trigger deeper disappointment, will also be in succession of malignant cases superimposed into "Internet contract car than taxi is unsafe." The curing impression.

Although this impression may deviate from the facts, the so-called "deep love is the responsibility", it is the public has a high expectation of the Internet car and the Internet car to live up to this expectation.

How to face the higher expectations of the public? At present, the net car industry is adjusting. In this process, "traditional taxi drivers have a higher incidence of 10,000 cases than the net contract," the report will let the industry produce some slack?

This worry is not entirely without reason, but I believe the net car industry will not let it become a reality. The reason is simple, any industry to become bigger and stronger, must strive to meet the needs and expectations of consumers. But for the network contract car, because of the particularity of the industry, how to safety is a lifeline problem.

"It's probably not true that a net car is not safer than a taxi," which is probably the right fact. But since it's an emerging business, who's less safe than the traditional taxi industry, and so on and so on?

The public has high expectations for the Internet related car industry. Such expectations should not be let down.

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