Freshmen said they could not be patriotic for a lifetime.

Freshmen said they could not be patriotic for a lifetime.

Original title: briefing on the cancellation of the admission criteria for Wang Dong of the Civil Engineering College Freshmen

Source: Hunan City University official website

Wang Dong, male, Han nationality, born on August 13, 2000 in Qidong County, Hunan Province, is now a freshman majoring in civil engineering at the 2018 Civil Engineering College.

In the early morning of September 19, the student posted insulting remarks such as "patriotism is impossible, patriotism is impossible for Lao Tzu" and "all fucking college students return patriotism, I think you are a fool" on the Internet under the name of "Guizhou Province Cao Wang Yingjun". Relevant departments and schools in Yiyang checked and verified that Wang Dong, a new civil engineering major in our school, was named Cao Wang Yingjun of Guizhou Province. Wang Dong confessed to the mistaken microblog comments. It was also found that since enrollment on September 9, 2018, many students have made insulting remarks in the dormitory, and did not listen to the students'dissuasion, and sneered at their roommates' patriotic remarks.

In view of Wang Dong's extremely erroneous remarks of spreading insults to the state, it is extremely bad. According to the provisions of the State Enrollment Examination Regulations and the Measures for Implementing the Enrollment of Colleges and Universities in Hunan Province in 2018, Article 9 of Chapter 3 of the Regulations on the Administration of Students in Colleges and Universities, and Article 2 of Chapter 1 of the Regulations on the Management of Student Status of Hunan City College (issued by Xiangcheng College [2017] 91), the regulations of Chapter 1 of the Regulations on the Administration of Students in Colleges Long office will study and decide to cancel Wang Dong's qualification.

The school will thoroughly implement the spirit of the National Education Congress, resolutely oppose words and deeds that damage the reputation of the Party and the country, comprehensively implement the Party's educational policy, conscientiously strengthen ideological and political work, uphold morality and cultivate people, conduct in-depth education of socialist core values among the teachers and students of the school, and guide the whole school to firmly "four selves" Faith, strengthening the "Four Consciousnesses", patriotism, patriotism and patriotism for the Party and the people, and striving to cultivate a new generation to take on the great responsibility of national rejuvenation.                                

Publicity Department of Party committee of Hunan City University

September 22, 2018

Editor in chief: Wu Jinming

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