Depository bank "white list" appears online loan storage business "shuffle"

Depository bank

Author: Zhang Manyou

On the evening of September 20, the long-awaited "white list" of depository banks was officially unveiled, and the China Internet Finance Association (CIFI) announced a statement on the passing of the 25 banks'fund depository systems.

At the same time, some banks are adjusting their custody business. On September 19, the Internet lending platform "Kangaroo Mother" announced that the "Kangaroo Mother" platform has signed the "Bank Fund Deposit Cooperation Agreement" with other depository banks due to the Bank of Shanghai's full withdrawal from the P2P network lending platform depository business. Coincidentally, the online lending platform "point finance" announced on the same day that it had signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with Baixin Bank, which will involve the deposit of funds.

The reporter of China Business Daily learned from the insiders that, due to reputation risk and other considerations, many banks are now controlling the increase in deposit and management business. The person in charge of the depository business of a city commercial bank told reporters that long before the recent exposure of the P2P platform related problems, many regulatory agencies have interviewed local depository banks, demanding prudent development of depository business, reduce the size of business, strictly guard against reputation risks. Up to now, this requirement has not been loosened.

Banks prudently carry out net loan deposit management

On the evening of September 20, the Mutual Fund Association officially announced the approval of 25 banks'fund deposit and management systems, and the white list of bank deposits and management lasted for nearly half a year was officially announced. The first batch of approved white list banks include Construction Bank, Minsheng Bank, China Merchants Bank, Ping An Bank and other 25.

The reporter learned from a city commercial bank, the bank's depository business acceptance work is under way, because the bank has more access platforms, system adjustment and evaluation workload is relatively large, so a little late.

As a part of the college entrance examination, the compliance of bank deposit management is very important for the network lending platform to pass the record. However, one side is the white list that has just been disclosed, and the other is the adjustment of the bank's custody business.

According to the announcement issued by the "Kangaroo Mother", Shanghai Bank has withdrawn from the depository business of the P2P network lending platform, and the "Kangaroo Mother" platform has signed the "Bank Fund Deposit Cooperation Agreement" with other depository banks according to the document requirements of the "Guidelines for the depository business of network lending funds".

In view of this situation, the reporter contacted the Bank of Shanghai, the Bank of Shanghai said that the platform announced changes to the depository bank after the announcement, and the platform to communicate. "At present, the depository agreement between our bank and the platform has not expired, but we respect our own wishes and will help smooth the transition. We will continue to cooperate with the contracting platform that meets our management and regulatory requirements after the contract expires.

On the same day, Shanghai Online Loan Platform announced that it had signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with Baixin Bank. Reporters learned that "Point Finance" and Baixin Bank have recently signed a fund deposit agreement, and the relevant system testing, docking work has begun. In response to this news, reporters have also been confirmed from 100 bank.

However, according to public information, "Point Finance" and the Bank of Shanghai signed a depository cooperation agreement in March 2017. It is understood that according to the content of the agreement, the validity of the agreement for two years, after the completion of the docking system and on-line commissioning, in the case of non-breach by the Bank of Shanghai, promised not to carry out fund storage services with other financial institutions within two years. However, the agreement also stipulates that the agreement can be terminated without mutual consent.

In view of this situation, "Point Finance" related person in charge told reporters: "Because the Bank of Shanghai may adjust depository business, in order to eliminate uncertainty and protect the interests of lenders, Point Finance decided to transfer depository accounts."

"At present, the banking industry is almost the same, temporarily no longer added." Someone close to Shanghai Huarui bank told reporters.

The person in charge of the deposit and management business of the above-mentioned city commercial banks also indicated that, long before the recent exposure of the relevant problems on the P2P platform, many regulatory agencies had interviewed local deposit and management banks respectively, demanding prudent development of deposit and management business, reducing business scale, strictly guarding against reputation risks, requiring batch clearance of the platform, reducing business scale to a certain ratio. Example.

"Several city commercial banks in Jiangxi have stopped new businesses." He told reporters that the bank was also inspecting and checking recently, for some platforms that did not comply with the cooperation agreement and did not meet the requirements of compliance were cleared. He said that individual regions require some depository banks to withdraw from the depository business entirely, but also require a batch of liquidation platform to reduce the scale of business to a certain proportion.

Fund custody is not a credit enhancement mechanism.

Recently, some net loan platforms are operating risks, and depository banks often become targets of public criticism. People from the Internet Finance Department of a city commercial bank believe that this has also become the main reason for some banks to treat depository business with caution.

To this end, the previous period of frequent lifting and network lending platform depository business Shangrao Bank, recently issued a special announcement that banks in the depository business of the main responsibilities and do not assume responsibility.

Shangrao Bank said that in the network lending fund deposit and management business, commercial banks open network lending funds deposit and management special account and private fund account for clients, and separate sub-accounts for lenders, borrowers and guarantors under the network lending funds deposit and management special account to ensure customer network lending funds and network The information lending agency of the lending lending agency manages its own accounts and safeguards customer transaction settlement funds. At the same time, commercial banks carry out the deposit and management of network lending funds, do not provide guarantees or guarantees for network lending transactions, and do not bear the responsibility for default of loans; do not bear the responsibility for verifying the authenticity of loan items and information of loan transactions; do not take responsibility for the authenticity, accuracy and integrity of network lending information data, because of entrustment. The principal (the network lending institution) shall bear the corresponding liability for the business risks and losses caused by intentional fraud, forgery of data or errors in data.

Although the depository bank has been exempted from liability according to the regulation, once the related mutual fund platform is in trouble, the reputation risk faced by the bank is also difficult to cover its depository business income.

Shangrao Bank therefore stressed that the deposit of funds can not be used as a credit enhancement mechanism of the Internet lending platform, lender selection platform should be the core indicators of the authenticity of the platform project and the level of wind control. And Shangrao Bank prompted that when the investment risk occurs, the lender must bear the responsibility and risk of the network loan investment; if there is a dispute in the process of investment, the lender can resolve it through self-reconciliation, request the industry self-discipline organization to mediate, apply to arbitration institutions, and bring a lawsuit to the people's court. If you encounter the loss of rights and interests in the course of investment, it is recommended to report the case to the public security organ at the first time, exercise legal means to protect your legitimate rights and interests, recover losses.

According to public information, in May and June 2018, Shangrao Bank lifted its management cooperation with Shenzhen Five-Star Fortune Internet Financial Services Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Qianhai Dafu Capital Management Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Zhongjin Financial Services Co., Ltd.

The Mutual Fund Department of a city commercial bank told reporters that at the beginning of the P2P fund deposit business, due to different risk preferences, business strategies, some banks formulated more stringent access standards, in the daily operation of the P2P requirements are more stringent, so the number of cooperative P2P is relatively small; and there are some banking system. The entry criteria are relatively open, and even through the development of P2P by partners, the number of P2P contracts reached hundreds, possibly gathering a large number of risks.

He believes that a small proportion of banks with online lending platform depository business risk, indicating that the bank may have some links to continue to examine and strengthen. If the risk ratio is large, it may represent that the bank's entire mechanism is deficient, and the credibility of the bank's depository and even the overall credibility will be questioned. Under the current circumstances, it is not a good thing to retreat some P2P.

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