The woman was photographed and photographed completely naked, so her boyfriend broke up.

The woman was photographed and photographed completely naked, so her boyfriend broke up.

Original title: Women's antique art photos were photographed naked by photographer, and her boyfriend broke up.

Nanning residents, Ms. Wei, recently reported that she had recently gone to a studio in Nanning to take pictures of the ancient style. Unexpectedly, she was induced to take naked photos by photographers.

What the hell is going on?

Art photo nude

Ms. Wei told reporters that on May 23, she spent 1,100 yuan to take art photos at the Drunken Tang Feng Film Studio in Nanning. Three sets of ancient costumes were selected, one of which required shoulder exposure. But when the costume was filmed, a photographer surnamed Chen suddenly asked the assistant to leave the studio and asked Ms. Wei to take off all her clothes before filming.

Ms. Wei said the photographer put her hand on the button of her underwear and said she had to take it off. After taking several more photos, the photographer asked her to take off her underwear.

Why did MS Wei listen to the photographer? She said the studio staff told her to listen to the photographer and that the photos could be taken well.

Boyfriend broke up because of this.

Ms. Wei said that under the guidance of the photographer, she took a group of nude photos in a muddle. After she finished filming, she felt that something was wrong, so she called her boyfriend.

After consultation, the studio returned five hundred yuan to Miss Wei and deleted all the photos taken.

But soon after, my boyfriend broke up with himself because of this, which made her feel very sad. So, in September 5th, Ms. Wei chose to call the police.

Photo studio manager responded

On the morning of September 20, the reporter came to the Wind Studio of the Drunken Tang Dynasty. The director of the store, Mr. Ren, told the reporter that the scale of the shooting was entirely determined by the communication between the photographer and the customer. When Ms Wei photographed nude photos, the photographer agreed with her.

Mr. Ren said that Ms. Wei's incident, to the drunken Tang Fengyou has brought no small negative social impact. In order to further standardize the shooting process, the studio has done some corresponding measures.

Source: South China Morning Post

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