Eating cockroaches demanding compensation is said to be a 10 time compensation for extortion.

Eating cockroaches demanding compensation is said to be a 10 time compensation for extortion.

Original title: eating a cockroach in a buffet requires 5 times compensation. It is said to be a 10 times compensation for extortion customers.

Reported mobile media news, September 19 evening, a college in Yongchuan, Chongqing Huang students with their friends, to a shopping mall in Yongchuan New Area, a frequent restaurant to eat a good meal. What she did not expect was that a cockroach was actually eaten during the meal. Angry Huang went to the restaurant to ask for advice. After many negotiations failed, Huang decided to take legal weapons to protect his rights and interests.

On the evening of September 19th, Huang classmates found a cockroach in a snail at the restaurant. "When I told the waiter, the staff of the mall also came to the scene to coordinate. On the spot, I put forward a claim for refunding 106 yuan of the meal fee already paid in this order and paying 5 times the amount of the meal fee." Huang said.

As the waiter said the boss was not in, the proposed 300 yuan compensation was also rejected by Huang, the two sides could not reach a settlement that day. "In accordance with the relevant regulations of the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, restaurants should have been compensated 10 times." Huang told reporters.

On the morning of September 20, Huang complained to the local food and Drug Administration branch, and law enforcement officers also went to the scene for inspection. "At that time, Mr. Jiang, the director of the restaurant, appeared and admitted the fact that there were cockroaches, and promised to actively solve this matter with me."

To Huang's surprise, after the law enforcement officers checked and left, Mr. Jiang changed his face. "He said he wasn't sure if he was a cockroach in the dishes, and asked me if I saw the restaurant big and what I thought." Huang was very angry when he talked about it. "His tone was to blackmail, which meant I was blackmailing, so I was determined to take the judicial approach at that time." In the afternoon of September 20th, Huang went to court in Yongchuan to prosecute the restaurant.

After hearing Huang's indictment in court, Huang posted the incident at Yongchuan local forum. "After the post was issued, many netizens supported me to safeguard my rights through legal channels, and some netizens said that more than one thing is better than less, saying I make a big deal of a big deal." Huang said that her post was a statement of the facts and wanted to raise awareness of her rights through posts.

To Huang's surprise, the merchant contacted her through various channels after the post was issued. "Many people contacted me for my private mediation and deletion of the post, and I refused one by one, because I wanted to go through the court, how to mediate, how to judge I agree, as long as the request is fair and open to deal with this matter, see my 10 times compensation. It is not too much to ask for compensation. Is it blackmail?

On the afternoon of September 21, Huang told reporters that Mr. Jiang called her and asked her to come out for private mediation. "After all, I was just a girl, and he had contacted me through various channels before, and I was very afraid of meeting him alone, so I refused." Huang said that even with mediation, there would be an objective and fair third party presence.

Huang said her appeal was simple. First, she hoped that businesses would apologize to her publicly. Since many netizens had paid close attention to the post, she also hoped it would end. Second, according to the relevant regulations of the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, she would pay a 10-fold liquidated damages. .

On the afternoon of September 22, the reporter tried to contact Mr. Jiang according to the telephone provided by Mr. Huang. Many times the phone was hung up and no reply was sent. Reporters will also continue to pay attention to this matter.

Source: re reporting mobile media

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