Victims of sexual assault in courier: listens to express words and tremble all over.

Victims of sexual assault in courier: listens to express words and tremble all over.

Original title: CITIC sexual assault express courier was arrested victim as long as listen to the word "express" on the whole shivering

On September 21, the People's Procuratorate of Lucheng District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, approved the arrest of Zhang Yongbing, a suspect in the case of sexual assault of female clients by couriers, for the crime of rape. According to the victim's mother, just a few days ago, Xiaorou suddenly broke down because she heard the word "express" and lay down at the window of the room on the 19th floor, hoping to make a light living. Fortunately, Xiaorou was rescued when her family found out.

Xiao Liang's mental state is very bad everyday.

Case review

On September 14, at 5:00 p.m. in Lucheng Fishing Machinery Village, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Zhongtong Express Agent Zhang Mou attempted to rape Xiaorou, who was packing luggage at home. At 6 o'clock that evening, the Lucheng police arrested the courier involved in the vicinity of the crime scene.

On the afternoon of September 15, the Lucheng police in Wenzhou issued a police briefing saying that at about 17:50 on September 14, the 110 command center received the warning that a rape occurred in a new village of fishing machinery in downtown Wenzhou. After receiving the police, the police immediately involved in the investigation. At that time, 6 minutes later, the suspect Zhang was arrested near the crime scene. After interrogation, Zhang Mou (male, born in 1995, Shuicheng, Guizhou Province) confessed to the crime of attempted rape at the moment of intent. Zhang, a criminal suspect, was arrested by the public security organ in accordance with the law for attempted rape.

On September 17, the official micro-blog of China Communications announced that the company severely condemned the illegal acts of the couriers involved and would firmly support the due punishment given by the law. We will improve the credit blacklist mechanism, promote the establishment of the industry as a whole, and regularly carry out legal education and examinations at various outlets.

On September 21, the People's Procuratorate of Lucheng District, Wenzhou City, accepted the materials of the case of arresting Zhang Yongbing, a criminal suspect, submitted by Lucheng District Branch of Wenzhou Public Security Bureau. After examination according to law, it was concluded that Zhang Yongbing's act was suspected of rape and met the conditions for arrest. According to the 70th Criminal Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China According to the provisions of Article 9, the decision to approve the arrest of Zhang Yongbing made on September 21 according to law shall be handed over to the public security organ for execution.

Relevant staff of the Lucheng People's Procuratorate told reporters that the details of the case can not be made public because the arrest is still in the stage of arrest.

On the 21st, the company was informed by the prosecution after the media response, "the company and the victim's attorney is also actively communicating. The responsible person said that Zhong Tong would not evade corporate responsibility and "would like to compensate the victim accordingly."

Latest developments

On September 22, the victim's attorney Zhou Zhaocheng and his assistant arrived at the victim's rental house in Xiaorou Hunan at 3 p.m.

Zhou Zhaocheng lawyer and his assistant told reporters: "When I saw Xiaorou, I felt that she was worse than I expected. Her eyes were dull, her face was haggard and she was very nervous. Xiaorou's family told me before, Xiaorou used to have 78 jins, but according to my observation, she is afraid that less than 70 jins, the most important thing is that she is now unable to communicate with me like normal people.

Xiaorou's husband said that since his wife returned from Wenzhou to Hunan, their family rented a house in the city for the convenience of seeing a doctor. He and his mother-in-law took care of her for 24 hours. Although the wife took a lot of medicine every day for treatment, there was no improvement. Because the wife's spirit is still in a state of high tension, now their home even "express" two words dare not mention.

"The other day we needed to send some materials, so my son-in-law called the courier. When the courier came to pick it up, my daughter heard the word'courier'. She was shaking and broke down. We live on the 19th floor, she was lying in bed, heard the word courier jumped straight out of bed, lying next to the bedside window, the whole body tilted to the outside of the window, but I just pulled her back in time, or else it would be terrible. Xiao Luo's mother cried to the reporter.

In an interview with the Legal Evening News, lawyer Zhou Zhaocheng said that the case of sexual assault of female clients by the express delivery agent of China Communications is now in the judicial process. Before the case is finalized, the lawyer acting as the victim is not convenient to say too much about the relevant cases, but one thing can be sure. I believe in the law, believe in fairness, and face to face. Believe in justice.

Lawyer Zhou Zhaocheng said that because the victim's family is very difficult, after the sexual assault, the current medical expenses are from relatives and friends turnover and financial assistance. Their next step is to continue to communicate with China Communications Express. I also believe that China Communications Express can take the responsibility and responsibility of large enterprises, in a responsible attitude to consumers, with sincerity and practical action, actively negotiate and solve problems.

Lawyer Zhou Zhaocheng pointed out that what deeply touched him in this case was that the large enterprises closely related to each of us had integrated into every corner of our lives. Their every move, a policy, a management, will directly or indirectly affect the lives of each of us. "This rape case, I believe it is absolutely not what China Express would like, but if China Express can strictly implement the recruitment and training mechanism for express delivery staff, strengthen the assessment of new employees and legal education, maybe this sexual assault will not happen." Zhou Zhaocheng said, "We are to urge these large enterprises to bravely shoulder social responsibility, large enterprises can not blindly pursue economic benefits and relax the management of their own enterprises and their customers'humanistic care, once that, it is very likely to create in the realization of their own economic interests at the same time, impact or damage. In the interests of society, we may suddenly hurt every one of us. "

Source: Legal Evening News



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