Friends circle crazy pass bike sharing system fraud police: 1 days up to 10 more

Friends circle crazy pass bike sharing system fraud police: 1 days up to 10 more

Xinhua News Agency, Shenzhen, September 23 (Reporter Zhou Ke) "Sharing the economy, the general trend, do not be a frog in the well! Subscribe to share bicycles and make a profit, lie down to make money! Recently, the "sharing bike" subscription gimmick has gone crazy in the circle of friends, and there have been many cases of subscription fraud in the country. Reporters from the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau anti-telecom network fraud Center learned that the city's highest peak received more than 10 cases of similar types of fraud a day, involving up to million yuan of funds.

Xiao Wang is an office worker. Besides working, he also makes extra money in his spare time. Not long ago, when Xiao Wang brushed his circle of friends, he saw an advertisement for sharing bicycle investments. Seeing the good earnings, Xiao Wang took the initiative to add the "competent" WeChat. Subsequently, Xiao Wang was pulled into a bicycle partnership group, and transferred 880 yuan to subscribe for a bicycle, the next day began to receive a daily return of 60 yuan. After the first taste, Xiao Wang boldly purchased seven bicycles, did not expect that just after the transfer, Xiao Wang was "in charge" pulled black and kicked out of the group.

According to reports, in this kind of scam, fraudsters first in the Weixin Friends circle or Weibo to advertise, dating and other ways, boasting that sharing bicycles is very profitable, coaxing victims to believe the scam. After distributing fraudulent advertisements on the internet, the victim will be rewarded with the rule of "subscribe for 880 yuan, return 60 yuan a day, pull one's head and reward 80 yuan". When the victim in the group pays the money, the scammer kicks the victim out of the group and pulls the black, then looks for other victims to join the new group.

In the process, fraudsters usually package their "products" into regular shared bicycle company products. In addition, the group administrator's head, name, circle of friends, personality signature are also created by the illusion.

Police reminded that no matter what platform or circle of friends, as long as the money involved must be cautious. If you see the consumer rebate, the friends circle recommended prizes and other idioms, we need to be alert. Once it is discovered that it may be involved in illegal fund-raising, it should promptly report to the relevant departments to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests according to law.

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