Civil Aviation Flight University: there is no school sister for school girls.

Civil Aviation Flight University: there is no school sister for school girls.

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Source: Civil Aviation Flight University

Recently, the micro-blog user "Anstrang I" has aroused widespread public concern because of the publication of related content related to the management of our school. The school attached great importance to it and launched an investigation immediately. The relevant circumstances are announced as follows:

I. findings

According to the survey, "Anstrang I" is a class 2018 non-flight attendant professional male students, not the Internet "flight attendant freshman girl".

According to the student, the day after enrollment (September 4), he was playing with a girl on campus, because he was teased by two alumni, and felt offended by his peers. At the same time, after understanding the relevant requirements of the school, the management of the school and their imagination of the university life gap.

On September 5, the student chose to express on the Internet without informing another student concerned or reflecting the problem through normal channels.

In September 20th, when micro-blog caused widespread controversy, the student himself deleted it. There is no basis for transmitting the school's request for deletion.

Two. About the content of web transmission

1, about the micro-blog map. The accompanying drawings are "Notes to Enrollment of Freshmen" written by individual students in the past, and most of them are stipulated in military training. Schools also criticized the compilers of the "notice". There is no such thing as "learning elder sister to set up various rules for school girls".

2, about "the student has been expelled from the school" and so on. There are rumors: he was arrested by the police, his fate was disastrous, he was dismissed and so on, are all rumors.

Schools believe that the student's behavior is a catharsis of the relevant requirements are not intended to hurt the school. Therefore, from the perspective of protecting students'privacy and promoting healthy growth, the school has kept the students' personal information strictly confidential so as to help him adapt to the study and life of the University as soon as possible.

3, about "do not grab meals with school friends" and so on. Mutual respect and mutual accommodation is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, but also social morality, college students collective life to abide by. The school requires students not to play in the dormitory, loud noise, influence others rest; in the dining hall, to line up in turn, not to jump in the queue; students get along with each other, to be more considerate of others, to be tolerant of each other, to speak civilized and ethical.

4, about "ask freshmen to greet old students and teachers" and so on. The school has no mandatory requirements for seniors, school elders and teachers. But considering the occupational requirements of the flight attendant work, the school advocates that the flight attendant students should take the initiative to say hello, learn to say hello, and pass on smiles and friendliness to others. This initiative is also applicable to all grades and majors in our university, not only for freshmen.

5. About the contents of "self-management regulations". All along, our school's air crew specialty has been managed by the student team building system, and the implementation of the class monitor system is to better inherit the fine traditions of integrity, self-cultivation, strict discipline and so on. Leading class leader is a student who is selected by senior grade and has both good quality and excellent learning. Before the leaders of each class in junior grade are not selected, he acts as a monitor. Their behavior is under the guidance of counselors, based on the relevant school management regulations, not the so-called "sister-in-law to formulate management regulations".

6, about "students limited in speech" and so on. Our school does not interfere with students'normal network communication, but advocates respecting the privacy of others and protecting their own safety of network expression. It is a requirement of laws and regulations that the school will consistently adhere to the principle that "no improper comments can be made online".

7, about "students in school behavior restriction" and so on. All public areas in the school are open to teachers and students. According to the medical examination standards of civil aviation employees, for the health considerations of students in employment, the school requires airline students to eat in the school canteen. At the same time, in order to maintain order in the school and ensure food safety, the school stipulates that takeaway is not allowed to enter the campus. As for the Internet biography "do not eat with the school leaders", we have no such stipulation.

8, about student renting and other content. In order to ensure students'personal safety and cultivate their sense of discipline, our school stipulates that all students should stay in student apartments, and it is strictly prohibited to rent apartments outside the school.

9, about "hairstyle, makeup, dress" and so on. In order to cultivate the good professional qualities of the flight attendants, our school requires the students majoring in cosmetics to take a compulsory course, uniform hair style. Students must abide by the requirements of the training institutions during military training.

10, about students love and so on. The school requires students to attach importance to their studies, establish a correct concept of love, and advocate proper communication, civilized manners, physical and mental health.

Three, solemn declaration

Civil Aviation Flight University is an undergraduate university directly under the Civil Aviation Administration. Since the establishment of the school for 62 years, the school has always adhered to the first priority in moral education, the implementation of paramilitary management of the air service specialty, the quality of personnel training has been highly recognized by all walks of life.

Schools advocate harmonious coexistence among students and adopt a zero tolerance attitude towards campus bullying. Welcome all sectors of society, parents and students to supervise!

Recently, our school has actively carried out education on network civilization and resolutely opposed network violence in line with the theme of national network security publicity activities. For those who make and disseminate false statements against our school, the school will reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility.

Civil Aviation Flight University

September 23, 2018

Editor in chief: Zhang Yan

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