Beijing News: "never approved" health care moon cake how can public Hawking?

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Original title: "never approved" health moon cake how can public Hawking?

Theory of origin

The unapproved health moon cakes are all over the street, not only to remind, but also to strengthen supervision and punish illegal production and sales according to law.

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Consumer Association reminds consumers not to blindly pursue "health moon cakes," because the State Food and Drug Administration has never approved health moon cakes. "Health moon cake" is a gimmick, some enterprises play the "health moon cake" banner, the production is actually ordinary moon cake. And it is three poisons of drugs. Some Chinese herbal ingredients added in health moon cakes are not suitable for everyone.

Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cakes on the market, in order to win in the competition, some manufacturers have a unique way to produce so-called with health care functions and even can cure the disease of moon cakes, a common addition to ginseng, astragalus, Panax notoginseng and other medicinal materials health moon cakes, said to have the effect of nourishing qi and soothing the mind. Health moon cakes have never been approved, which means that the market claims that moon cakes with health functions are illegally produced and sold, consumers should try to avoid buying and eating. Consumers Association reminds consumers at this time, very timely and necessary.

But since it is illegal production, why is the market full of "health care moon cakes"?

With the improvement of people's living standards, the health needs of the elderly are becoming more and more urgent, resulting in a huge market of health products for the elderly. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for family reunion and children's filial piety to their parents. The manufacturer has corrected this mentality by attracting people to buy it with hygiene and treatment gimmicks, exquisite packaging and exaggerated words. In the end, it will not only have no effect, but also may have side effects. For consumers, money cheated may be small, but can be credulous false propaganda, high calorie, high sugar moon cakes as medicine to eat, but also easy to increase the burden on the body.

The unapproved health moon cakes are all over the street, revealing regulatory oversight, which gives some manufacturers an opportunity to take advantage of. In this case, the CPPCC and the food and drug supervision departments are far from enough to remind, but we must further strengthen the health care moon cakes safety risk monitoring and supervision, supervision and inspection of illegal production and sales found in the supervision, strict investigation and punishment according to law.

Hu Jianbing (staff)

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