Spend 1200 yuan three no takeaway shop can be on-line, the US group license is inscribed for 20187 years.

Spend 1200 yuan three no takeaway shop can be on-line, the US group license is inscribed for 20187 years.

Source: Voice of China

Spend 1200 yuan three no takeaway can be on-line, the United States Group license is not affected for 20187 years.

According to the voice of China, news reports. Recently, the reporter found on the Internet, there are many take-out agency business, do not need a business license and food safety license, do not need to have a physical store, as long as the money can access the take-out platform. Voice of China reporter personally experienced some, only provided ID card, bank card information and 1200 yuan, in the United States Tuan platform smoothly launched a normal business takeout shop. How did the takeaway shop go online? Why is the audit and supervision of takeaway platforms useless?

According to CCTV, a takeaway boy reported a pickle fish restaurant. The restaurant was not only dirty and messy, but also made particularly disgusting food. Video shows that the store's environment is not as clean as the Internet, the kitchen is full of sundries, fish scales and bloodstains after killing fish, stench, even pickles are placed at will.

After delivering meals to the restaurant many times, the takeout boy was so intolerable that he finally notified the food safety supervision department by way of a report. "The sanitation inside his restaurant is really bad. The mess is too bad to look at. It can only be said to report to him in this way."

Take away shop: license is not complete, platform acquiescence.

How did such a messy shop pass the audit when the actual situation was seriously inconsistent with the photos uploaded on the take-out platform? Applying other merchant certificates has become a common trick for black takeouts. The owner of a takeout shop told the truth. He told VOA that the platform knew it was incomplete, but still opened a store for him.

A takeaway shop owner: "The certificate I borrowed this semester expired. After that, I went to the trusteeship office and got one. He didn't have a health license. He only had a license for Industry and commerce. Even a document could be used. Because I've been in touch with that beauty troupe. I couldn't get a business license here. The beauty Troupe will know. Then he will know the business license you borrowed. You can borrow it. He'll give it to you. But you'll never be in front of the platform. He knows you're irregular.

US Regional Manager: previously existed, has been rectify.

In an interview, a regional manager for takeout in the US troupe admitted that there had been such problems before, but they are now checking them very closely.

A regional manager of takeaway business: "Because the U.S.A. was not strictly checked before, the documents were borrowed and the stores were opened more often, his stores would be dealt with later. In the past, you could have an ID card on the US mission. They've been in the club for a long time. They're all borrowed from the old ones. They're not offline, but all the irregular ones are offline.

A member of the group's customer service told VOA that business licenses and food licences were necessary to open stores there: "For a typical restaurant like this, you have to have a business license, and then a license. The license is a food and beverage service license, a food business license, and a food business license. The commodity circulation license, three licenses 3 choose 1, plus business license these two certificates can be, and then there is a physical shop, then submit the application for cooperation. These two documents must have a business license and a license, which is a must. "

Qualified seller: money can be launched online.

Is that really true? Reporters through the post bar, micro-blog and other channels found that there are still many businesses claiming to be able to unlicensed shops on the takeout platform. In the name of wanting to open a shop, the reporter consulted a seller who promised to open stores in the United States and Hungry Are there no physical stores, no business license, no food business license, only 1200 yuan.

Qualified Seller: No entity, no license, and no food license, right? So what do you want to open? Is it for catering? If there is no entity, we can open it, but the charge will be 1200. Then I can help you drive down here. "

Hearing the location of the store in Beijing, the seller said that the censorship in Beijing was a little more stringent and that other places were more relaxed. "Because the censorship here in Beijing was so strict, he kept on going for a while, that is to say, he dropped it every once in a while. If you want to open something else, like other provinces, it's basically fine. "

Reporter experience: 1200 yuan on-line three no takeaway

Is the seller's promise a fraud or is it really easy to open a store? After the reporter paid the opening fee of 1200 yuan, he chose to take the Taoran Pavilion near the Second Ring Road in Beijing as the shop location, submitted the photo of ID card and bank card information, and gave the shop a name. Within three days, the small shop located in Beijing Taoran Pavilion was put on the line for takeaway by the US troupe. Reporters asked colleagues to help test whether the order can be placed, whether the normal operation, found that it can be completely through public comment and take-out list.

What licenses do not have, the entity shop is impossible to talk about, how can it pass the US group's audit?

App reporter found that although uploaded a hand-held ID card photos, but the owner of the shop is not a reporter himself, but a person named Wang, in addition to the request to upload the physical store photos, is entirely PS, the United States Mission asked for on-site business licenses and food business licenses, are also Through the completion of PS, the license has obvious traces of post production.

What is more exaggerated is that the reporter's business license date of this shop, because the PS staff's pen was miswritten as 20187, can even pass the examination of the takeaway.

That is to say, a takeout shop can be successfully launched with the help of PS stores, licenses and owner information from nowhere. Certification agencies told reporters that they have "internal response", but also suggested reporters spend 1200 more, in hungry on-line shop.

The takeaway shop can operate normally, and the dishes photo group provides.

In operation, reporters found that not only store photos can be fake. Every dish uploaded photos, the United States Tuan has already prepared in the library, that is, no matter how ugly the dishes made by reporters, as long as you enter the dish name, there will naturally be good pictures to choose from. When colleagues ordered the order, the reporter found that each group received $2-3 service charge.

From September 21, the reporter's "black shop" on the line for two days, only responsible for reviewing the store's regional manager, confirmed by telephone.

According to the Regulations on Food Safety Supervision and Administration of Online Catering Services, the online catering service providers shall have the entity to operate the stores and obtain the food business license according to law, and engage in business activities in accordance with the main business forms and business items specified in the food business license. Third-party platform providers of online catering services need to implement the establishment of food safety-related systems, the establishment of specialized food safety management agencies, with full-time food safety management personnel.

On the official website of the takeaway business of the US troupe, the words "go online very quickly, open a shop without worries" are striking. How does the takeaway guarantee the authenticity of the takeaway store? As of the press release, the takeaway has not yet responded, but after requesting an interview, reporters tested whether the online store for the fraud was quickly offline.

Reporter: Ren Meng Yan, Yin Xining (Internship)

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