6 day old man went to Qinling Mountains to pick up chestnut lost contact for 6 days and was found dead.

6 day old man went to Qinling Mountains to pick up chestnut lost contact for 6 days and was found dead.

Original title: Xi'an sixty year old into Qinling Mountains to pick up chestnut lost contact 6 days after being found but unfortunately died.

Western Network News (Shaanxi Radio and TV "First News" reporter Wang Jingluo Zhiyuan) is now the Qinling Mountains wild chestnut ripening season. A few days ago, Master Liu and Master Su, who lived in Chang'an District of Xi'an, went to the mountains together to pick up chestnuts. On the way, Master Liu picked up enough chestnuts and went down with his donkey friends. But no one thought that the master Liu who thought he would go down later never returned home.

In the early morning of September 16, Master Liu and Master Su went up the hill to pick up chestnuts from Jinxian in the Qinling Mountains. Master Liu's bag soon filled up, and happened to meet a passing donkey friend, Master Liu and his donkey friend went down the mountain together.

Master Su: "He said he would go down, and Lao Liu wanted to go down the mountain with his family. From there we were separated."

That evening, Su master returned to his home. Because Master Liu lived alone, three days later, his son found out that his father could not get in touch with him.

Master Liu's son: "After three days, I found out that he did not go home. I asked him in the village. He was the same old man who had gone up the mountain to pick chestnuts, and had not come back yet. The residents along the way asked him, and had never met my father."

After finding out the situation is wrong, everyone searched the mountain for 3 days without any result, but helplessly called for help. After receiving the alarm, the police of Xi'an Chang'an Branch meridian police station contacted the Qinling rescue team of Shaanxi Province to search the mountain.

Lu Chenghong, a rescue team member from Qinling Emergency Rescue Center in Shaanxi Province, said, "Master Dang-su, who went up the mountain with him, took us to the place where they broke up and went to find him. We walked on the road not far from the place where he broke up. On the way, we found the old man lying on the road with his clothes under his head."

On the morning of September 22, six days after Master Liu's ascent, 63-year-old Master Liu was finally found by the rescue team. But unfortunately, Master Liu has no vital signs. Police checked the scene and ruled out the possibility of a criminal case. Rescue workers initially speculated that the old man's misfortune might be related to hypothermia. The old man was going down the mountain with a few donkey friends. Why did he leave in the middle of the journey?

Wang Gang, Civilian Police Station of Xi'an Public Security Chang'an Branch, said: "In this season, we should pay attention to the mountainous areas. Recently, there are more wild fruits in the mountains. It is safe to pick up chestnuts in the mountains." (author: Jing Wong Luo Zhiyuan)

Source: Western Network - Shaanxi News Network

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