Red Net commentary on 4000 monthly salary, 15000 yuan for monthly salary.

Red Net commentary on 4000 monthly salary, 15000 yuan for monthly salary.

Original title: Live sober and do fairy tale dreams less.

Recently, on the social network, a sister Tucao Internet love boyfriend's chat record screenshots triggered a heated debate among netizens. From the conversation, we can understand that she lives in Shanghai with her online boyfriend. She earns 4,000 yuan a month for herself and 15,000 yuan a month for her boyfriend. She thinks that her boyfriend is a takeout girl with no education background. However, the cost of living in Shanghai is relatively high. It costs more than 5,000 yuan to rent a house alone. She feels that she can't see the future.

Girls dislike taking-out brother's decent career, no future, no time to accompany themselves, take-out brother said he has no education background, if the job to become an apprentice, no wages and how to maintain their lives? It's similar to an online paragraph: "Honey, I can't hold you with a brick, and I can't support you with a brick down." Although the content of the statement is different, the essence is the same. As far as reality is concerned, it is not easy to say that if a takeout boy looks for a job according to the girl's "respectable, promising, and time" requirement, it is indeed difficult to meet the material life of the two men in the early stage of salary.

So the takeout boy is helpless, but the girl did not understand his helplessness, always blindly request and demand, never see his efforts and difficulties. Faced with his girlfriend's hopelessness about the future, he actively pondered, proposing to save money to leave Shanghai for a small business, which not only guaranteed life, but also made her no longer feel "shameless". However, the girl did not perceive his "sincerity", the response made people feel warm enough, indifferent, chilling.

Everyone wants to live a good life, which is beyond reproach, but the girl's biggest mistake is that she always pushes the pressure of life to boys. The takeaway kid earns 15,000 yuan a month on his own, and she earns 4,000 yuan a month. Instead of introspecting herself, she blames her boyfriend for not being promising enough. So how selfish is she to be strict with the law and treat herself leniently? If you want to have a good life, you should strive hard to get it. You have hands and feet, but you always put your future on others. It is disgusting.

In addition, the best love is not just to be a trumpet, to show off by other people's tall branches, but to be a kapok near the oak tree, with the gentleman in the storm, common progress. Admittedly, two people must be together for the future, but the future responsibility is not a person can carry, even if your other half love you, so blindly accommodate you and be willing to support you, but this can not be a reason for your peace of mind to accept. Love is mutual. Some people always want to meet the prince like Cinderella, but fairy tales are fairy tales after all. In reality, couples have to be able to support each other, relative independence, love each other, in order to go further.

Love not only loves your great body, but also loves your persistent position, the land under your feet. Equality and freedom can understand each other, stand against each other and be independent of each other. This is the best love for each other and the best respect for oneself.

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