A man's heart jumps 200 times per minute: the heart is different from others.

A man's heart jumps 200 times per minute: the heart is different from others.

Original title: five ten men's heart jumped 200 times per minute. Doctors defibrillator shocks temporarily stabilize their condition.

Chu Tian Metropolitan Daily News (reporter Li Ying correspondent Luo Yao) the normal heart beat about 60 or 70 times a minute, but Mr. Liu's heart in Hankou has an extra "passage" and jumps more than 200 times a minute, three times as much as normal people. After the hospital's emergency rescue, he pulled him back from the gate of hell.

Mr. Liu, 50 years old, began to feel flustered two years ago. If he felt uncomfortable, taking some medicine would relieve him. Yesterday morning, he felt at home and jumped to his throat. Ten minutes after taking the medicine, but the heartbeat has not returned to normal, it is unbearable, accompanied by his family to Wuhan Sixth Hospital for treatment. When he was admitted to hospital, Mr. Liu was pale and sweaty. The doctor ausculted and found that his heart beat like a drum, as high as 200 times a minute, three times as high as normal people, diagnosed by examination as supraventricular tachycardia. Doctors immediately give medication after the heart is still beating, blood pressure dropped rapidly, at any time there will be shock and even sudden death. Medical staff immediately used defibrillator shock to restart the heart, heart rate returned to normal, blood pressure also gradually rebounded. Mr. Liu is now in stable condition. The next step will be radiofrequency ablation to eradicate the chronic heart disease. "Mr. Liu's heart is naturally different from others, and there is an extra passage between his atrium and his ventricle." Zhang Suchuan, director of cardiovascular medicine at the hospital, said there was only one cable between the atrium and ventricle in normal people, so the atrium and ventricle always beat one after another and would not be confused. But if there is an extra "passage" between the atrium and the ventricle, it is possible to form a closed circular passage with the atrioventricular structure. Commands from the atrium are passed around this circular channel, causing a high heart rate.

Zhang Suchuan reminded that arrhythmia may induce myocardial ischemia, chronic heart failure and other serious heart diseases, and even cause sudden death, the relevant symptoms of the public should be timely treatment.

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