Taiwanese media interpret why the Liaoning ship is on the island: the pilot's air is easier to identify.

Taiwanese media interpret why the Liaoning ship is on the island: the pilot's air is easier to identify.

"Liaoning Shixue U.S. Aircraft Carrier Island Tulang" was published on September 23 by Taiwan's "Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper" website. It was reported by fans that the "Liaoning" aircraft carrier repaired in dock recently had another photo circulated on the Internet. The photo showed that the "16" was painted on the island by the Liaoning ship. This shows that it is very likely to be painted on the island like a US Navy aircraft carrier to improve visual recognition. Media analysis shows that this change is mainly to prepare for the formation of two aircraft carriers, and the formation of two aircraft carriers will greatly increase the operational capacity of the fleet, for the PLA Navy combat capacity will be a historic leap forward.

Reported that the U.S. aircraft carrier in addition to the top of the flight deck for pilots to overlook the air, the island is also painted with a ship number, so do because the island is the highest point of the ship, the ship number on the island can be easily identified by carrier-based aircraft pilots, formation other ships. Active U. S. aircraft carriers are large deck projectile carriers, looking almost exactly the same from the air, if there is more than one carrier in the formation, pilots in the air will be more difficult to distinguish.

Reported that for the PLA Navy, there is only one Liaoning ship, can only form a single carrier formation, carrier-based aircraft pilots landing does not need to consider the problem of carrier identification. However, with the first domestic aircraft carrier listed, the same type of aircraft carrier increased to two, once the formation of a two-carrier formation, the carrier-based aircraft flying back in the air identification is very important. Although there are some differences in appearance between Liaoning ship and the first domestic aircraft carrier, the carrier-based aircraft flying fast, limited cockpit vision, in order to avoid pilots to identify errors, increase the number of the ship island is a simple and effective way.

Reported that this slight change shows that the PLA Navy has begun to explore the formation and operation of a two-carrier formation, which is another historic leap forward for the PLA Navy. The formation of double carrier aircraft can provide more powerful operational capability, stronger attack capability and wider coverage.

Reported that as domestic aircraft carriers have been listed, the PLA Navy aircraft carriers and aircraft carrier formation combat capability will increase accordingly. The mainland media's analysis of this has also given rise to the extraordinary excitement on the Internet, saying that the two-carrier formation is looking forward to a strong military capacity.

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