Liu Qiangdong attorney: the Reuters report is inconsistent with the facts and does not want to interfere with the judiciary.

Liu Qiangdong attorney: the Reuters report is inconsistent with the facts and does not want to interfere with the judiciary.

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Liu Qiangdong's sexual assault case: This is a trap. He forced me to have sex.

Sina Technologies News September 24 afternoon, Reuters today released an article detailing the night when Liu Qiangdong was suspected of rape in Minnesota, in which the leading actress Weixin chat record first came to light, saying Liu Qiangdong forced sexual relations with her. According to Sina Technologies, Ms. Jill Brisbois, Liu Qiangdong's criminal defense lawyer, told Reuters that the articles to be reported by Reuters were not in conformity with the facts and that Mr. Liu did not violate any laws.

Jill Brisbois said she couldn't immediately disclose the relevant "evidence" to the media, as others did, because we respected the judicial process and didn't want to interfere in it.

Jill Brisbois said he hoped the real evidence would be made public at the end of the case and said it would be unfair for Reuters to publish an article containing only one point of view while the case was still pending and the prosecutor was still trying.

Today's Reuters article said it had learnt some tweets about Liu Qiangdong's suspected victims of sexual assault. Liu Qiangdong, a Chinese billionaire, was also at the University of Minnesota when a 21-year-old female student returned to her Minneapolis apartment, the report said. In the middle of the night, she sent a message to a friend on WeChat, saying that Liu had forced sexual relations with her.

The injured woman told second friends on WeChat that she had a lot of pressure to drink that night. "It's a trap," she said. Later, she said, "I really drank too much."

A person familiar with the matter said he saw Liu and the girl standing outside the house, and Liu took her into the car he rented. On the Wechat, the girl sent a message to her friend for hours, saying, "Liu began to do something about me in the car."

"I told him not to... But he won't listen, "she wrote. Finally, they returned to the girls' apartment, people familiar with the matter said.

What happened in the next two hours can not be confirmed by Reuters. According to police reports, the alleged rape occurred at around 1 in the morning.

The victim then contacted a student at the University of Minnesota who called the police, according to two people familiar with the situation and her Wechat message.

Another person familiar with the matter said that Minnesota police went to the girl's apartment that morning, Liu Qiangdong was also there, but did not arrest anyone. Reuters couldn't confirm what happened after the police visit, but the person familiar with the matter said the victim's woman refused to charge Liu Qiangdong's presence.

In a tweet chat with another friend, she asked her friend why billionaires like Liu Qiangdong were interested in their "ordinary girl".

"If I were myself, I would have died right away," she said, "but I couldn't bear to hurt my parents."

On Friday morning, she sent another message to two friends saying she had told several people about what had happened, including the police, some friends and at least one teacher. She wrote that she would keep her sheets, "the evidence can't be lost," she said.

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