A man's acquaintance introduces a car, "money car two empty", I sign is forged.

A man's acquaintance introduces a car,

Original title: people familiar with the introduction of a car but "money car two empty" police have been involved in the investigation

Western Network News (Shaanxi Radio and TV Station "First News" reporter Ren Chao) August 30, Mr. Li Xian citizens introduced by acquaintances in Shaanxi Xinfeng Taiboao Automobile Co., Ltd. to pay a deposit of 200,000 yuan to buy an Audi A6L sedan. But in September, the salesman said that Mr. Li's car payment was gone and was used by others. What happened?

Mr. Li said that on Sept. 6, when he was going to pay the bill, the salesman said he wanted to decorate the car. Mr. Li waited for a week, but he had problems picking up the car from the car company again.

Mr. Li, a car buyer, said, "I'm puzzled when people say you've lost the money and you've been used. But I don't know how my money is used. I don't want the car or the money now."

Subsequently, Mr. Li got a proxy certificate, the contents of the car purchaser Liu Mou in the car company to buy the Audi A6L, the modern payer Mr. Li to Liu Mou pay 228000 yuan. Mr. Li said he did not know that there was a payment on behalf of him. His signature was also forged on the proof.

Similarly, Ms. Yang of Xi'an is also introduced by acquaintances, in Shaanxi Xinfeng Taiboao Automobile Co., Ltd. Xiangzhong an Audi A5L. But when she handed over 330,000 yuan to Mr. Feng, an acquaintance of Xi'an Juze Automobile Trading Services Co., Ltd., the car went on, but the purchase contract was delayed.

Reporter: "the car is in your hands?"

Ms. Yang, a citizen of Xi'an, said, "I can't go through the formalities. I can't hang up the sign. My car is due in three days."

Subsequently, the reporter contacted Ms. Yang and Mr. Li to introduce the car of Xi'an Juze Automobile Trade Services Co., Ltd. Mr. Feng. Mr. Feng said he belonged to the second-tier dealer of Xinfengtai. He had been in contact with Xue Zong, a self-proclaimed senior executive of Xinfengtai, to buy a car. After receiving the payment from Ms. Yang, he transferred the money to Xue Zong. Mr. Feng said that he has set nearly 50 cars in Xue recently, with a total price of around 40 million. After ordering the car, he made a deposit of nearly four million yuan to the public of Shaanxi Xinfeng Taiboao Automobile Co., Ltd. But when he wanted to withdraw the car at the end of the day, Xue always asked him to transfer the rest of the tail money to a designated private account.

Mr. Feng: "The people who make up the money can get you out of the car. I let them do it. He said, Mr. Xue, it's too late for you to pay the money. It's six o'clock now. When you call our sales account, we'll be finished. We'll call nine million more. After nine million more calls, the car won't come out and the phone won't pick up. I can't get in touch. "

Mr. Feng told reporters that according to his knowledge, Shaanxi Xinfeng Taiboao Automobile Co., Ltd. has reported to the police.

Mr. Feng: "Xinfengtai also reported the case, the report material is written, their staff Zhang sales personnel to borrow the name of Xinfengtai, partner Xue Mou deceived us."

Subsequently, the reporter came to Shaanxi Xinfeng Taiboao Automobile Co., Ltd. to verify whether Mr. Feng's statement is true. The staff said they had indeed reported the case to the police and were unable to be interviewed for details because the police were investigating.

At present, Mr. Feng, Mr. Li, Ms. Yang and others have been reported to the police, the police have filed an investigation.

Source: Western Network - Shaanxi News Network

Editor in chief: Zhang Shen

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