Did Sun Hongbin take over the music network as a whole?

Did Sun Hongbin take over the music network as a whole?

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Author: Tan Haojun

Recently, the People's Court Litigation Assets Network released the results of the judicial auction of the shares held by Le TV Holdings. By the end of the auction, all three items, including the shares held by Le TV Holdings (renamed "Le Rong Zhi Xin") and all the shares held by Le Rong Zhi Xin (Le Rong Zhi Xin), were eventually offered by the sole bidder at the total starting price. 773 million yuan bottom price clinch a deal. The mysterious bidder is China's investment company, Tianjin Jiarui Huixin Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., is also the early 2017 15 billion Chicago Television investors.

Perhaps, this is the best result, but also the ultimate result can only appear - Sun Hongbin took over the TV, so that "Jia Leshi" into "Sun Leshi", Jia Yueting completely farewell to the TV network, farewell to the TV, farewell to all kinds of expectations.

In fact, there was no agreement with Jia Yueting on the transfer of shares in LTV network, the two sides tore their cheeks, Sun Hongbin resigned from all the positions of LTV network from the moment, Sun Hongbin has been in the "planning" LTV network "future" and planning how to return the shares to their own hands. Because, whether it is bankruptcy or let the creditors auction the shares of LTV, can accept the shares of LTV only Sun Hongbin and his Rongchuang, and no one else will go through the troubled waters of LTV.

As a matter of fact, Sun Hongbin will not care about hundreds of millions more since he has already put so much money into the muddy water. If Jia Yue Ting can cash in, of course, better, can not be cashed, Sun Hongbin also has the ability to undertake. Moreover, Sun Hongbin has introduced so many investors into Le Rongzhi, and has won a lot of external support. If LTV can rally, it is expected that investors will have more and more returns.

It should be noted that the acquisition of shares in the Networks has been completed, and Jia Yueting completely out of the Networks, Sun Hongbin can do Networks to its biggest test. If we can't do it, Sun Hongbin needs to face not only huge economic losses, but also the image of enterprises and individuals. After all, Sun Hongbin in many people's eyes, are the image of developers, Rongchuang is only a real estate enterprise.

That is to say, the success or failure of LTV can have an important impact on Sun Hongbin and Rongchuang's market image. Done well, that is, financial transformation and transformation. Failure to do well is the inability of financial innovation to transform or transform. Naturally, Sun Hongbin will try every means to make the music network well.

At present, what can bring investors expectations is that after a year of operation, Sun Hongbin has successfully "independent" and introduced strategic investors into the two important sectors of LTV - LTV Wisdom and LTV film industry. If it is done, music will also have great expectations and great hopes.

Therefore, Jia Yueting's exit is an opportunity for LETV. Whether Sun Hongbin, who has fully entered the network, can prove himself again and prove that Rongchuang has other abilities besides building houses, depends on what he and Rongchuang can bring to the network.

Sun Hongbin's "half life" has been handed over to LTV. It is not the debt, but the impact, not Jia Yueting's "concede defeat", but Sun Hongbin has not won. Only when Sun Hongbin restarts, will he really win.

Tan Haojun (Financial commentator)

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