Swedish TV responds to insulting China: the overall meaning of the expression is missing.

Swedish TV responds to insulting China: the overall meaning of the expression is missing.

Original title: Swedish TV responds to insulting China: the overall meaning of our expression is missing.

Huang Yundi, people's Daily reporter

At 3:00 p.m. local time on September 25, Swedish television published an article on its official website in response to the video scandal, acknowledging that the overall meaning of the program was missing, but still flickering with outside accusations of racial discrimination.

The Swedish TV news channel interviewed the director of entertainment channel Hull, who was in charge of the program, about the satirical clips about China broadcast on the Swedish News program after the scandal brewed, Swedish television said in the article. These included some criticisms from the Chinese side, such as a pair in the program. In the map, Taiwan was removed from the Chinese territory.

"The overall meaning of our expression is missing." Hull argued in a statement that "we produced the program about the exclusion of Chinese tourists to match the current events in Chinese hotels, while highlighting the fact that the issue of exclusion of Chinese tourists in Sweden has not attracted the same attention and sensitivity as other racist issues. We originally wanted to point out a Swedish problem.    

Hull said the above would be the only external statement from the editorial board because everyone is now concentrating on the next issue of Swedish News.

Hull acknowledged that he had made mistakes in the statement and did not upload all the relevant parts of the program to the Internet. "The purpose of uploading video to China's Youku network is to arouse China's response. But there is a lack of ideographic integrity, which is our fault. We can understand that some individuals feel sorry, and we apologize for this.

"Now that the entire program has been uploaded to YouTube with English letters, people can now see the whole program and our anti-racist views."

But there has been little response to the apparent racial discrimination and misuse of maps, which are of the greatest concern to the outside world. Our reporter learned that the current insult to China in Sweden caused strong anger among the local Chinese community, has submitted a written protest to Swedish television, seeking an apology, if fruitless negotiations, legal proceedings will be carried out through legal channels.

A friend familiar with Swedish law told this newspaper, according to Swedish criminal law, if the program is identified as racial discrimination, the program director and related people will face prison.

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Sweden is now insulting China after being exposed to rough treatment by Chinese tourists.

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