China clean up harmful information 147 thousand network literature special rectification results

China clean up harmful information 147 thousand network literature special rectification results

A reporter from China Youth Daily, Liu Sheng, an online correspondent of China Youth Daily, recently learned from the National Office of "Eradicating pornography and combating africa" that from June to the end of August this year, more than 120 administrative and criminal cases of online publishing were investigated and dealt with, and more than 230 online literary business units were ordered to rectify and rectify, more than 4,000 websites and accounts were closed, and more than 4,000 websites and accounts were checked and deleted. More than 14.7 pieces of harmful information are screened.

In May this year, the National Office of "Eradicating pornography and combating africa" and the State Press and Publication Administration jointly launched a three-month special campaign to rectify online literature, which has achieved some results at present. Localities actively organize a comprehensive investigation and multiple rounds of checks on websites, mobile clients and public Weixin numbers involved in network literary services in their jurisdictions, focusing on three major problems: incorrect orientation of network literary works, vulgar content, dissemination of obscene and pornographic information, and infringement and piracy.

In order to clear up and rectify the incorrect orientation and vulgar content of network literary works, local organizations organize network literary enterprises to self-check and rectify, focusing on clearing up the red classics, smearing revolutionary heroes, deconstructing and distorting history, vulgar, vulgar works and content. Jiangsu organization "wave-by-wave network" to strengthen the examination and self-examination, delete suspected violations of 36,000 works; "Xiaoxiang Academy" network Off-Shelf irregularities, shielding more than 80,000 stationed works before 2011 without manual examination; Shanghai organization "starting point Chinese network" self-examination, delete the shielding of serious irregularities 71, modify the content of 1235; Beijing has investigated and handled three cases concerning the publication and dissemination of Internet publications containing prohibited contents in Jinjiang Literature City, Feiku Network and Chinese Language Network; Guangzhou, Guangdong, has investigated and dealt with three cases involving pornography and vulgar content in some of the online literary works published by Netease Yun Reading, Guangzhou Light Reading Network Technology Co., Ltd., and Jiubang Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Qing investigated and dealt with four cases of unauthorized online publishing services and dissemination of vulgar content, such as Weixin's "Star-picking Novels", "Meiye Book Club", "Incense of Books" and "Incorrect Novels"; Hubei investigated and dealt with Wuhan's "Pitfish Live Broadcasting" platform for disseminating harmful information, the "OK11 Small Game Network" and "Fried Eggs" network for publishing harmful information. Cases and many other cases.

In harshly combating pornographic information, all parts of the country carry out verification and actively investigate and prosecuted cases. Qingdao, Shandong Province, seized the case of "52 Novels Network" spreading pornographic network literary works, the site disseminates 1744 pornographic network novels, the site's founder Dong Mou was detained according to law; Yongzhou, Hunan Province, seized Xinghui Information Technology Co., Ltd. suspected of disseminating pornographic materials, the company involved in the case did not obtain administrative permission for network publishing, using micro Letters to the public "blockbuster beauty" to provide online publications, a single book of tens of millions of hits, of which four large hits of e-books are identified as pornographic books; Nanning, Guangxi investigation and prosecution of "Xiaofuni" micro-signal, "magazine worm" website, "weeding day noon" and other websites suspected of disseminating pornographic information. Case: Wuhan, Hubei, investigates and punishes the case of Wuhan Fast Travel Technology Co., Ltd. operating pornographic websites, Wuhan Huachuang Universal Science and Technology Co., Ltd.'s "Premium Enjoyment Film and Television" publicity of pornographic video, Wuhan Jiuyou Science and Technology Co., Ltd. to provide publicity of pornographic and other banned Internet cultural products.

In the fight against copyright infringement of network literature, Anhui has cracked down on an extraordinarily large network copyright infringement case, destroyed 11 pirated infringement novel websites and two infringement App platforms, and frozen more than 5 million yuan of funds involved in the case, such as "Tiger's Pavilion" and "Small Bookstore" which have been operating for four years.

In the special rectification, in addition to strengthening supervision measures and continuing to clean up harmful information, local departments also focus on establishing a long-term mechanism to tamp the main responsibility of enterprises. The person in charge of the National Office of "Eradicating pornography and Fighting Feudalism" said that the special rectification of network literature has achieved certain results, the environment of network literature has changed significantly, and the order of network market has become more standardized. However, the problems in the field of network literature, such as deviation of orientation and vulgar pornography, have not been thoroughly solved. The next stage will continue to deepen special rectification and promote the healthy and clear environment of Internet literature.

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