How does Alibaba win the second half of car reform?

How does Alibaba win the second half of car reform?

Yang Haiyan

"If electrodynamics is the first half of automobile transformation, Then the second half will be more intelligent and networking. This is BYD chairman Wang Chuanfu this year in Beijing auto show, talking about BYD's future "new car blueprint" when a point of view. "In the second half of the layout, BYD's strategy is to open up." He said.

On September 5, BYD held a global conference of developers, announcing that it will open all sensor and execution systems for automobiles, giving developers the incentive to activate the entire application ecosystem. Baidu also announced the opening of the autopilot system Apollo. In the planning of Volkswagen, the future "vw.OS" system will also open to the outside world. Series of actions show that in the automotive industry from the traditional to intelligent strides, only cooperation and opening up, can seize the market opportunities.

The zebra network, jointly established by SAIC and Ali, announced the first round of financing for 1 billion 600 million yuan. In the field of vehicle networking, this is the largest financing at present. But for zebras, the significance of the first round of financing is not in the industry's first position, from a financial point of view, SAIC and Ali can give zebras more support, the capital side of the entry, for zebras, more importantly, behind the opening up, the release of cooperation signals, and under this signal, Ali in the whole. The ambition of intelligent automobile.

On all occasions, Ali said he could not build a car. But not building a car does not mean that it will not have a share in the field of smart cars. Ali already started joint venture with SAIC in 2014, and began to explore in the field of automotive intelligence. Using Ali's AliOS system, the two sides developed the automobile operating system, and launched the world's first Internet car Rongwei RX5. Whether in terms of sales volume or brand premium, Roewe RX5 is successful. That's why zebras, including Citroen, Ford, Kwun Chi and Bosch, later joined the Friends Circle.

But that is far from enough. From the beginning, SAIC and Ali hoped that zebra could become an open platform company. In terms of capital and technology, they are fully liberalized. While announcing the completion of this round of financing, Zebra announced the opening strategy, to carry out "business openness, technology openness, ecological openness, equity openness". Through opening up, zebras on the one hand can get more funds for talent introduction and technology development, building higher barriers. On the other hand, by opening up to attract more car companies as strategic investors to become zebra network investors, let more cars install the system, expand the user base. At the same time, by opening up more zebras and the two founders of the company do not have the resources to build a better ecology.

It is understood that the zebra network will be open to the car factory in-depth customization of energy at the end of September, and will open the vehicle application platform for the first time, actively access to car companies and third-party service providers such as the development of applications and services. Business is fully open to the industry to support more car companies to build Internet cars. Meanwhile, the zebra's next round of financing has been launched, and more car companies will be involved in the future of the Internet car industry.

According to Gartner, the research institute, more than 200 million vehicles will be connected to the Internet by 2020, and 60% of new vehicles will be connected to the Internet. Some people compare the Internet to a big "mobile phone" running on wheels. When the Internet empowers the car, the imagination of the market and the speed of the explosion will be far greater than the car itself. Ali's current layout in the automotive industry has included the main retail Tianmao and Da Sou cars, joined in the new car-building forces of Xiaopeng cars, in-car services Gaud, shrimp rice, Damo Yard automated driving, zebra system platform attributes became the key to Ali's second half victory. If the zebra system integrated with Alibaba's ecology can land more cars, it means that Gaud, shrimp and other in-car services occupy more first-mover advantage.

Currently, more than 700,000 zebra vehicles are on board, and it is expected to reach 1 million by the end of the year. When millions of interactive smart cars run down the street, each car becomes a road information collector, a part of the intelligent transportation system. Previously, Dr. Peng Chongmei, Ph. D., of the Shanghai Urban Construction and Operation Group Technology Center, introduced that in the case of "Intelligent Transportation" co-created with zebras, the Shanghai Urban Construction and Operation Group was able to accurately and timely match road maintenance needs through real-time reporting of road conditions by Internet automobile drivers. If this case extends on a large scale, it will not only guide the construction of smart cities around the country, but also bring more space for Ali's own business imagination.

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