Women lose weight seven or eight kilometre every day and jump square dance foot injuries.

Women lose weight seven or eight kilometre every day and jump square dance foot injuries.

Original title: to lose weight every day, women suffer from plantar fascia injury caused by severe pain.

Chu Tian Metropolitan Daily News (reporter Li Manying correspondent Liu Jun Chen Mengyuan) in order to lose weight, Ms. Fang runs 78 kilometers a day, but also adhere to the square dance. Nearly half a year later, her weight loss has not yet reached the target, but the sole of her foot has been injured. "Exercise is still scientific and temperate. This time it will be a loss." Recently, in the fourth hospital of Wuhan, Fang Fang has some regrets.

Ms. Fang is 54 years old and lives in Gutian two road, Wuhan. Because she is fat and suffering from hypertension and hyperlipidemia, she has been exercising to lose weight. Listen to friends say that fast walking is good for the body, weight loss effect is obvious, she will wear thin-soled cloth shoes to the beach every morning to walk fast 78 kilometers, evening also adhere to the square dance. After more than 4 months' persistence, she noticed that the heel of her right foot was always distending and painful. Especially in the last month, her heel pain increased significantly, every morning when she got up and went to the ground on the heartache, massage hot compress at home for several days did not improve, she came to Wuhan Fourth Hospital for treatment.

A detailed examination by the orthopaedic surgeon in the hospital revealed that Ms. Fang's feet were not reddish or swollen, but she felt painful when pressing the right sole. X-ray images showed bone spurs in her right heel. The doctor diagnosed her plantar fasciitis.

Yang Zhonghua, director of the Department of Orthopedics, explained that the plantar fascia is a thick ligament tissue that connects the calcaneus and phalanges across the plantar, like an elastic arch, and plantar fasciitis is an aseptic inflammation of the plantar fascia. Ms. Fang is a heavy weight, plantar fascia under great pressure, standing and walking on the hard ground for a long time, plantar fascia has always been in a tense state, gradually strained. In addition, she likes to wear thin cloth shoes, lack of support for the arch, but also aggravate the damage of the fascia.

Yang Zhonghua noted that plantar fasciitis is more common in people aged 40-60 than in men. The disease is caused by running, walking, climbing and shopping for a long time. In addition, flat feet, high arched feet, thin soles and even abnormal walking posture can also increase the plantar fascia under additional pressure. Therefore, moderate exercise to avoid excessive exercise and reduce plantar burden can prevent or delay plantar fasciitis. After the diagnosis of plantar fasciitis, we should pay attention to let the foot rest adequately, try to wear sports shoes, both sides at the same time use heel pads for protection. If the condition is serious, you can take appropriate medication under the guidance of doctors to reduce inflammation, pain relief or physical therapy. It is worth noting that plantar fasciitis is not caused by bacteria, and the use of antibiotics is ineffective and should not be abused.

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