Men take advantage of their friends to sleep with each other's mobile phone fraudulent 80 thousand for online gambling.

Men take advantage of their friends to sleep with each other's mobile phone fraudulent 80 thousand for online gambling.

Original title: men steal friends 80 thousand yuan for gambling

Chutian Metropolitan Daily News (reporter Ye Wenbo correspondent Huang Juan Fang Limin) while his close friends are asleep, the man picked up the other side's mobile phone, before and after eight times to steal more than 80,000 yuan for online gambling. Recently, Wudong Street Police Station in Qingshan District of Wuhan City detected the case and detained the criminal suspect Yang Mou according to law.

In August this year, Liu Chen (not his real name), an employee of an enterprise in Qingshan District of Wuhan City, got to know Yang Mou through the social software of the strangers. They soon became good friends without saying a word. Yang Mou often visited Liu Chen's single dormitory. On the evening of September 18, Liu Chen found out that his bank card had been stolen and brushed 47500 yuan, and came to the Wudong Street police station to call the police. At 9 a.m. the next morning, Liu Chen received another text message, and the bank card was stolen for 34500 yuan.

Liu Chen carefully checked the deduction time of the bank's running water and found that during this time he was with his friend Yang Mou. So Liu Chen asked the other side through a micro-letter, whether he had operated his mobile phone, Yang had to admit when things revealed.

After Qingshan police review, Yang explained that on the afternoon of September 1, he went to Liu Chen's dormitory to play, using mobile phones for online gambling, because it was too late in Liu Chen's room to rest. At 4:00 a.m. the next day, Yang saw Liu Chen asleep and put his mobile phone on the bed. He picked up Liu Chen's mobile phone and opened the micro-letter, reset the payment code, then transferred the money from the bundled bank card, and deleted the transfer message reminder.

As Liu Chen careless, Yang in less than a month, 8 times before and after the transfer of Alipay mobile phone Alipay and WeChat, stealing more than 80 thousand yuan for gambling.

At present, the suspect Yang has been detained by Qingshan police, and the case is being processed.

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